Everything You Need To Know About the New Ford Kuga Hybrid (FHEV)

The new Ford Kuga Hybrid introduces self-charging, full hybrid technology with up to 1000 km driving range on a tank of fuel.

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  1. How does the Ford hybrid powertrain works? Is it the same as the Toyota hybrid sytem, with 2 electrical motors/generators?

  2. Everything you need to know about FORD KUGA is that HYUNDAI TUCSON is far better in almost EVERY aspect!

  3. Really nice car but do be aware of current overheating issues of some batteries which ford is trying to resolve.

  4. They build such beautiful and cool Cars. I wonder, why they struggle so much in Europe recently…

  5. Super! I am from Ukraine and I have Mondeo Hybrid. In my country We want to see FordPass. And as you know our roads is not so Good. So this momen and climate situathion in winter creats a need AWD in Kuga Hybrid. 20" wheels is so cool!)


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