Exhaust Shot Put Put: BMW M2 vs Honda Civic Type R vs Jeep SRT8 vs Caterham 620S | Track & Field

Shooting shot: an old test of raw power, strength and air pressure. Carwow control balls will be placed in each car ….

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  1. It was unfair as fuck cause the ball of the Brtittish car was further in the exhaust and that causes more presure

  2. i don't like this at all. just proves how much petrol and diesel cars emit. hmmmm. how about we do a power test between a tesla and all 4 of these cars

  3. Looks like with one pipe the pressure is higher. With 4 there's a spread of the pressure thus the balls travel less

  4. Do you have any suggestions for a "cheap" sport car that is both reliable and fun to drive? Right now I'm looking at Toyota gt86 and a 2010 Porsche Cayman.

  5. Of course the Caterham won – it had the narrowest exhaust pipe so it took more pressure to dislodge the ball, hence the furthest distance.

  6. For anyone looking for the updated Medal Table including the Rhythm Gymnastics, it looks like this

    Country Gold Silver Bronze Total
    GB 1 2 0 3
    Germany 1 1 1 3
    Japan 1 0 1 2
    USA 0 0 2 2


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