Extensive review of Hyundai i10 2020

Hyundai i10 Main Damage: Preparation – 00:58 Inside – 02:39 Equipment List – 03:31 Infotainment – 05:12 Rear seats – 05:43 ….

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  1. I have fun on windy country roads in my Mk 2 – 1.2 Premium. My parcel shelf have two cords. Trying to get it into reverse gear is very annoying and potholes, I weave all over the road trying to avoid them. Not sure why the reduced the BHP in the Mk 3, so I'll go for the N-Line if and when I am ready to upgrade

  2. This is going to be my first car! And I must say, for me and my family, this is such a luxurious mini-car! I can't believe I'm gonna be owning one soon!

  3. In india this hatch produces 84bhp, but no auto braking ( emergency braking) lane assist. i have old i10 (2nd generation) and its really fun to drive

  4. How can you play regular CD´s or MP3 CD´s on the new touch screen radio of the new 2022 Hyundai Grand I10 car? It seems that the radio does not has a CD slit opening to play CD´s.

  5. Aaaaaaahhhhhhh….you made this video in Lisbon, Portugal, and not a single word about it….humm……it wasn´t very nice of you…

  6. Moved to CPT for a job now transport mounts upto what can b paid for a car instalment I really need to buy a small car


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