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The new Top Gear series is here on May 29th. And here comes a new show, Extra Gear, which will bring more ….

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  1. It's not the biggest anymore or it's a "UK Top Gear" when nearly all the hosts are "American". So it's like just another "USA Top Gear" which produced in "UK". Sounds disgusting isn't it?
    Just want to tell BBC that you kept the wrong person.
    Now I switch to The Grand Tour. And thanks BBC for ruining a Top Gear for good. Now I got a far more exciting car show.

  2. This is ridiculous, pointless and reeks of desperation. You can try all you like, but flogging a dead horse won't make it move.

  3. It's time for a change again.

    Matt LeBlanc is actually better than expected, but he's not right for the job.

    Chris Harris and Rory Reid have definitely done enough to keep their jobs.

    Sabine is a great driver but just awful on screen.
    Eddie Jordan was painful, he's gotta go.

    Why hasn't the Top Gear team considered a really fun/educated/enthusiastic team like this.

    Here's my choice for the new top gear crew that it so desperately needs.

    David Coulthard
    Jenson Button
    Guy Martin
    Chris Harris
    Rory Reid

    And some say-

    The Stig

    DC and JB together are always great and always playing practical jokes, and the one time special on Guy Martins Speed with DC had great chemistry. I say they should be the new main three.

    Chris Harris and Rory were very good but the chemistry didn't make them headliners. They are however very good serious journos who deserve a shot at the side show and slots on the main show.

    Well that's my two pence worth.


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