Extreme Brabus 900HP Pick Up Truck

This is the Brabus XLP 900. It’s a 900HP custom Mercedes Benz G-Wagen tuned and modified by Brabus to create a crazy pick up … .

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  6. imagine add more horse power like like maybe 1300 horse power it like almost faster than other supercar

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  8. For 800k plus did want to have some more leg room for the back seats and a little step for the boot at least

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  10. You guys REALLY need to get clip on microphones or something. Your audio is all over the damn place.

  11. I tend to think that those exhaust ends are more than likely fake, and the actual exhaust outlets are hidden under the bodywork somewhere. I could be wrong, but that kind of makes the most sense.

  12. Please use a freakin' clip-on microphone next time you're filming, it's not that expensive, and the sound would be much better

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