Extreme Formula 1 Pit Crew Training

Pit crew training for Formula 1 is much more intense than you would think! Long hours, dangerous situations and gruelling …

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  1. She got a whole team to put positive comments on this page, but i'm pretty sure all the negative comments are getting deleted

  2. When I was working in a car rental many time the company send me to a costumer with a flat tire.
    My mission was deliver another car for the costumer and change the flat tire and come back.

    I use to it take the time from the moment I get the key to the moment I start the car ready to run.
    It took me from 5 to 3 minutes
    Inspired in these crew members

  3. Arguably this one of the best automobile. Am craving ❤️for this alot but am not earning that much from my job so I can't afford this at the moment,,I wish to get one for myself and my family soon..

  4. How she did it all . I mean ,when she was doing reviews of a lot of cars how she got them

  5. Thanks YouTube for not notifying me of any SB video for about a year now, and instead just giving me more pointless ads i immediately skip and make me want to watch less content. SMH.

  6. y aun hay gente que piensa que solo se tratar de acelerar y frenar y que por eso no es un deporte


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