FEATURES: Chris Harris in Dallara Stradale | Advanced Equipment: Series 27

Chris Harris puts Stradale on his journey by watching this from a recent episode of Top Gear! (UK: BBC Two and BBC ….

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  1. Doesn’t hit 0-60 in under 3 an only goes 175? For 200 gs wow that’s gotta be the funniest joke I’ve heard. No one is buying this at all. That’s mclaren money for a lighten an slightly tuned lotus. Super disappointing from a company that builds the Indy 500 cars. Sad, Come on Chris go full Clarkson an tell them they are goofballs an at least tune the thing lol

  2. Whoever edits this needs fired, constantly jumping about. Can we not just get some forward facing cockpit footage with several "action" shots and zero daft effects please

  3. The Stradale is gorgeous. I just wish it had doors, and an NA engine with at least twice the cylinders. However, I understand that wasn’t the vision or raison d'être for this beautiful machine.

  4. everyone continue to say "looks like" remember Dallara Stradale was not builded to look like, they doesn't care about, it's the masterpiece of the genius Mr Dallara, testament for the future about how to make car. We truly need to remember to everyone, car makers and customer, it must be all about modern aerodynamics, corner speed and light weight, before we all end to drive another suv, another tank sedan. Thanks to the god of speed, there's still some mad enough, genius enough to remember us that.

  5. This show is constantly raped by this new cocky presentators and editing, it isn't a car show anymore, it is a Michael bay play yard

  6. Mille volte meglio una Alfa Romeo 4C o una gran Lotus Exige. Sono fatte da case automobilistiche serie non come questa porcheria. Vergogna dell’Italia!

  7. not a jab at chris, but rather the production team behind top gear: the combo of neil carey + chris harris is infinitely more interesting than this. trash editing, and chris told us nothing of his actual opinion about the car or its design.

    "its a road car," "its light weight," "there is some aero stuff going on." ….. neat?

  8. Not enough editing, I could still hear him talk, the music needs to be louder. And throw in more effects, are you on a tight schedule or what ?


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