Ferrari 812 Superfast v McLaren 600LT: DRAG RACE

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  1. You brought the wrong McLaren. You should have raced the Ferrari with 720s and not the 600 LT. Big mistake Matt!!!

  2. I think you should put the Ferrari against something a little bit closer to it like the 765LT.

  3. More impressed with the Ferrari. A lot heavier. And all the weights on the front. Mclaren has all the weight in the back and is lighter. Still take the Ferrari. Anyone would

  4. If the 812 GTS is a little bit less brilliant in drag race on MC Laren 600 LT, on the half and on the mile she wins without doubts.

  5. This is a fake race, all the motortrend and Carwow big time journalists get paid by different companies to make the races turn out how they want, if you want real races go to “can I be frank” YouTube channel

  6. I have ALSO seen a McLaren overheating and smoking at a petrol station by my house. Dumb idea not to be able to open the engine cover. Extremely dumb

  7. That McLaren is the PERFECT track car for the road. Light, small, powerful – and it's one of the best sounding modern twin turbo V8s (even if it is lacking a little displacement compared to its competitors). Easy to tune for over 100bhp extra WHP too. I'd seriously take one over a 720S.

  8. 1:14
    Wrong information about ferrari's weight
    Its 1630kg actually for the regular one , so this one with all the carbons must be even lighter !

  9. Brooooooo, this little baby mclaren is able to keep up with this ferrari. Just think about 720s and 765lt against it .

  10. Please please I'm a big fan of Carwow From Brighton I'm Indian . MATTHEW Sir please put up Huracan STO against McLaren 600lt


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