Ferrari 812 v BMW M5 CS: DRAG RACE

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Comment (33)

  1. Every single race this guy cheats he jumps the start it's ridiculous. He can't stand losing like HE built the car he's racing.

  2. People give me hell for liking German cars but the BMW M5 will always be my dream car.

  3. Bottom line the Ferrari is much much faster. Lack of traction is like racing in the rain. Not a true test of speed.

  4. Unlike in America you can not buy a an all out performance car on a middle class working man's salary. Everything is approaching $100k or way above.

  5. race again but let it be balanced BMW M5 CS 800 hp and ferari also 800 hp and can also race Lamborghini Aventador SVJ

  6. 800bhp. Not a turbo in sight. How the heck have they done that?!?!

    M5 CS is such a beast tho. These 2 would make a DREAMMMMMM garage

  7. As with many other drag races, this shows Ferrari really need to work on their launches. It’s where most Ferraris lose out where they could be flooring it. Probs to do with lack of awd.

  8. Matt you totally jumped the start in the 3rd race….BMW was moving before the arms started coming down


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