Ferrari Daytona vs XSR48 Superboat (HQ) | Advanced Equipment – Part 2

Richard Hammond and James May continue their race along the coast of southern France, carrying a Ferrari by speedboat. .

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  1. 0:00 That first scene with Richard in the Daytona and Andy Williams version of „Can‘t take my eyes off you“. Now that‘s literally me, if I ever get to do this.

  2. Did the Police really just pull Richard Hammond Over because he was driving an expensive car? Then they shut off his camera and demand he come to a police station?

  3. This video made realise me how much I wish Hammond didn't follow Clarkson and May to Amazon. He's a try-hard.

  4. Well the thing is Netflix has availability issues outside US so Amazon is better. Still don't hate the BBC, they have made one of the best programs ever made like Planet Earth, Life Story, other tons of awesome documentaries and many other great and instant classics in comedyentertainment. They were right to fire Clarkson, the show was awesome while it lasted but it kind of stagnated. Maybe this is for the best. CHEERS!


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