Ferrari Enzo vs LaFerrari – RACE & BRAKE TEST

It’s time to show off the Ferrari! Mat puts his hands on Ferrari Enzo… And rides against LaFerrari! Related ….

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  1. Laferrai has been my dream car for years, and I would obviously prefer it, but I don't want to own it for flexing, I mean I'll obviously flex a little bit, but I really just want to own it because it means a lot for me, like whenever I look at the design, the speed, everything I just keep on smiling. So I hope god will be by my side and help me get this masterpiece

  2. Se o CARNOW fosse trazer a Lá Ferrari eles iam dar um jeito de colocar um Porsche de uns 850 CV pra mais, só pra Ferrari não ganhar. Logo parece que o canal faz marketing pra PORSHE kkkkk


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