Finding a valuable star in the popular Polestar 2 | Advanced Equipment

We take the Polestar enemy to the Tesla Model 3 on the journey. Now, the Model 3 could sound the Polestar 2 when it comes to ….

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  1. Why can't they just properly render the videos in whatever actual aspect ratio it is supposed to be… Probably 21:9 or something in this case. It is so dumb having an ultrawide monitor and then having to watch this stuff with the dumbass black bars when the content is actually the same aspect ratio as your monitor.

  2. Remember when he was on Fifth Gear? Awkward subject I know, but man he’s was funky back in the day…. As for the Polestar, lovely, just a shame it probably won’t sell very well, because people will think of it as a Volvo the price of a BMW.

  3. Amazing trip. Hardly think you have to worry about range anxiety? You have a whole support team with you!

  4. Dear Top gear
    As you know viewership is get lower when you fired Clarcson
    We have propozyciot for you. We want Clarcson Hammond And May but Pady Chris and Flintoff can stay in show.
    Peaople will be more happier when old crew will be back. We love current crew but this is not thesame that befour. Top gear was THE GRAITEST TV SHOW/THE GREITEST PROGRAM?THE GRAITEST THING IN TV. But now that is not thesame. PLS Give them back. It can be benefical for you and for us.
    Signatures down below

  5. Hilarious! Interesting car = interesting trip to the shops. Boring car = road trip to active volcano to make it interesting.

  6. Hang on. How good was the range on the toaster car???? Is it good for what is described or not with halogen lamps?

  7. To be honest I liked the old top gear with Jeremy Richard hammond and I forgot the other name

  8. Kielder Observatory is without doubt the most over-rated, cowboyish self-promotional faux charity I've ever come across.

  9. There must be a lot of charging stations, up there in the north of England. The problem with electric cars is, still, the lack of range and charging infrastructure. Manufacturers know this so they send out all these films with electric cars road tripping in remote places to make you believe you can actualy do that, without a truck full of generators trailing the car to charge it when it runs out of juice. Car magazines facilitate this illusion probably because it is good viewing and a nice time out for the crew.

  10. Test drove this and is absolutely fantastic to drive. However, it is not a good choice for long distances; I planned a trip to Switzerland using onboard navigation and the journey was almost twice as long as with my ICE car. Motorway range is not great, and charging times added up to about 8 hours in total. A journey that takes 12 hours, now takes two days and you also need to book a hotel.

  11. Still confused why you didn't use the wheel brace that comes with the car and sits under the false floor in the Frunk? Perhaps it's a bit too late to tell you that now!!

  12. So what was the point of this, did he tell us about the range, did he tell us about the 4×4 abilities, what I did learn was there is no south star

  13. Polaris hangs in my front yard across the street. Orion trots across my front yard every night as well. A'hole's messing up my lawn.

  14. Fun to see the the Wookieness again! Please keep more coming! Love the signature extras – it actually somehow works!

  15. Wasn't a large portion of the lead in in relation to the range, vs driving technique + aerodynamic encumbrance, along with the added drain of the needlessly excessive added lighting? I guess they didn't even make it remotely close to home and either trailered the car back or had to stop for a recharge with miles to go.
    Ahh… television.


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