FIRST DRIVE: NEW Ferrari Daytona SP3 – £2m, 828bhp N/A V12 Hypercar | Top Gear

It has the richest back catalog of all, but Ferrari will never do a ‘continuation’ car. That doesn’t mean heritage is off-limits, though … .

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  3. Without the manual XMXN I have no interest in it….. It's like all the super and hypercars there are I have no interest in any of them except for the T50….. and that is totally out of reach.

  4. I absolutely love the way this car looks i know it's somewhat polarizing but it really reminds me of hotwheels cars I grew up with. Crazy proportions, extreme design: Ferrari nailed it with this

  5. It's funny you give the horsepower instead of like kilowatts European but when it comes to the weight you don't put in pounds,, and another thing bonehead customers car and your red lining it not right Junior get a different announcer

  6. Love the looks of the back end that is I think it's ugly but at least it makes me feel something. Front end looks bland. For a hyper car it just looks ordinary.


  8. I spotted the yellow one in Valkenburg (1 hour from Spa). It really really really is a unique and stunning car. I waited 10 hours in total but saw it. It was worth every single second! The guys at Ferrari were actually so nice and got everyone away for a couple of minutes so my friend's and i could make some nice picture's. I love how they manage to be so strict with their rules, but also are so nice to their fanbase.

  9. Just as Jeremy once said, when the F1 team is doing badly, their road cars will be amazing haha


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