First look: 2022 Ranger Raptor + EcoBoost V6 coming for Ford Bronco & Ranger Raptor!

The 2022 Ford Ranger Raptor is coming to the USA! Also, we can reveal that both the Ranger Raptor and the all-new Ford Bronco …

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  1. Honestly I have always been a fan of the Ranger Raptor, Im really interested to try the 325 hp option. My ideally ute has to be built tough, handle the off road terrain and have plenty of power to over take other traffic.

  2. Can't wait to order one for us & really excited, hopefully we'll see it very soon in America & with the 325hp engine. Nice video

  3. Hey Paul, have you heard anymore chatter about the new generation ranger next year? Specifically ranger with v6 diesel. I'm looking at buying a new ute, but from what i've heard here in NZ they are looking at June 2022 release. Is this credible? Love the channel too! Cheers, Karl.

  4. If all these engines are released in the ranger raptor in Australia, which engine choice would you choose for intermediate level off roading and towing a camper trailer less than 2 tonne?

  5. Hello, thanks for putting this together. Any idea as to what engines might power the European version?

  6. Toyota is now unreliable, I know this first hand. So now I’ll be looking at the Ranger Raptor because it’s bigger inside, probably just as unreliable and goes better.

  7. I think this is the segment that was missing in Australian market.
    V6 diesel. 2022 is going be interesting with LC300 and Ford V6's

  8. Great video Paul. Will the new V6 Raptor be able to tow 3.5t? I hope the new grill keeps the large Ford logo vs the oval


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