First Look: Aston Martin Valhalla – this 937bhp V8 plug-in hypercar with newborn Valkyrie | Advanced Equipment

If you have £ 600k around, I need a 937bhp V8 plug-in hypercar mixed with his eye on the Nurburgring lap ….

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  1. The 003 was one of the most beautiful supercars ever. They have taken away that beauty for the sake of aero and an AM grill, and to be honest I think it's a shame. Even worse than back with the V12 Vantage Zagato when they put a giant wing on that beautiful rear.
    Waiting for the day great sports cars are starting to look great again. The Valhalla could've been the next Enzo with the great design of the 003, now it's just another track tool. Not as extreme as the Valkyrie but not beautiful enough to make a good appearance on public roads. They'll easily be able to sell them but the Valhalla missed out on finding it's place in the history of supercars as being one of the most iconic cars ever.
    Hope AM is bolt enough next time to actually bring a beautifully designed car to the road even if it doesn't carry the traditional AM face or design language. A treat they unfortunately share with other car companies, all models have to carry the same recognisable face, even if there would've been much better alternatives.

  2. It's funny how Aston still makes stupid cars that doesn't sell and at the same time design something so beautiful and sleek like this, the Valkyrie or the 003. If they would produce these instead of the rubbish they are currently producing they would save the company. Easily.

  3. Very cool car and the bonus V8 improvement is very welcome, but like all prototypes they pretty much always blindingly eclipse the production version sadly.

    Honestly going public with an incredibly beautiful and desirable prototype and then resulting in delivering something so different* is massively counter productive, resulting in order being canceled via massive disappointment.

  4. Delivery of phrasing sounds like Richard Hammond. It’s skeletal, not skeleetal. Lost me on the overanalyses of specs….yawn….

  5. awwwww, ruined it, the first prototype was beautiful, this had lost i beauty in the name of tiny performance no one will ever notice.

  6. Can't wait to see Sebastian Vettel doing promotional videos and passenger rides on track when this thing starts rolling out

  7. I love how the design elements are still so very Aston Martin. Even those weird rear lights remind me of some of the 80's Aston Martin concepts they've got in their back catalogue. (I did a work experience there as a teen and got a tour)

  8. The original concept version had so much originality & clean lines Aston's always known for. This production car looks like all other supercars.

  9. Aston: Hey we use your engines in F1 so can we use one of your cars?
    Mercedes: NO!
    Releases the car anyways

  10. They change the headlight and the front of the car is less beautiful and more classical than the concept….

  11. Thank so much for everything! I love you all. Afther a long time of confussion, i finally understand and ressonate with your messeage. I feel more empowered than ever before and that is because of your teachings. I AM living and feeling more and more of the pleasure and luminescence of who I AM, greetings.

  12. I'm so grateful for this video. I have now put a veritable fortune in my vibrational escrow!! It's there….. I can see it, feel it, sense it, smell it, touch it⠤⠤👠🠼👠🠼🙌🙌 I'm trusting the process and letting go of the oars. I'm asking and it's being given to me.

  13. This is the most beautiful car I've ever seen in my life. How in the world are Aston Martin so damn good in designing their automobiles?

  14. Yes🙌 perfect to start my day! Thank you Universe! "… You're Not a creator by default" is a Center in which to focus. Thanks to everyone who writes a comment/a point of view, they provide more understanding.


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