FIRST USE: Audi RS e-tron GT, 637bhp EV review … feat. Marques Brownlee

The new Audi RS e-tron GT Audi RS is better than the Porsche Taycan in a sharp suit. It shares its platform technically with Porsche, but ….

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  1. You know I enjoyed the video, love the e-tron gt, just wish Jack didn't compare it so much with other cars

  2. Dumbest comment at 8:00. "You only get use of the larger horsepower for 2.5 seconds"(sic)
    As opposed to a using all the power non-stop on the way to work? It's not a supercar! Buyers just want it to beat a supercar off the lights, nothing more.

  3. These EV reviews have prompted me to upload my own video about how good they really are in comparison to ICE cars.

  4. by seeing the number plate and color of the car i realized this is the same car that matt from Carwow Reviewed lmao.

  5. Comparing eTron GT range to Plaid+ range is comparing a real, existing car, to vaporware car. It never existed other than on a web page as vaporware car and in Elon's dreams. Even at the time this video was made, eTron GT RS press cars were available, while Tesla never even showed a Plaid+ concept which would be able to feasibly meet the advertised specs at the advertised price point.

  6. How to go from one of the worlds most watched programs with incredible production quality to something resembling a car review channel on YouTube with about 1000 subscribers

  7. This video is from topgear, and yet in the video chat, marques's video and audio quality is still considerably higher than topgear's. Tells you so much about this amazing guy.

  8. Couldn't drive an audi because then I would be the type of person who drives an Audi. The lack of usable turn signals turns me right off.


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