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Clarkson, Hammond and May drive down the streets of London in three railroad cars, to find out how this works ….

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  1. Would you drive that car without a helmet when there's rain forecast or is that thinking too much about it?

  2. Imagine getting the engine stalling in the middle of the road/crossroad, and having to restart the ignition with all those steps and requirements, that Jeremy had on his orange vehicle

  3. I know Britts love their unheated, uninsulated homes, but driving a car that has no windscreen on that weather without a full face helmet is madness or good TV.

  4. I often go back and forth to which weekend toy I'd get if I had the money: Caterham R500 or an Aerial Atom

    Both road legal, both will turn heads, both will go like a bat out of hell. Decisions decisions

  5. They all went to purgatory that day, three great cars and they could not enjoy driving them, of course at one degree above in the rain they were on the verge of driving on ice as well freezing their soaked butts off and other parts. If this had been in Canada they would have also had snow….

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  7. I thought wipers were mandatory. I understand that these cars don’t have a windscreen, but I thought they were mandatory no matter what

  8. To be fair, when there's complaints of the weather on such shows it often isn't that bad, but in my opinion temperatures around 1° and heavy rain is about the most miserable weather you can get.

    Intense heat, freezing temperatures, heavy snowfall, strong winds, you name it. Just around 0° and rain is bloody awful.

  9. So let me get this straight…

    People buy roadsters in a country that is frozen, wet, and miserable for most of the year?


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