Ford Bronco Sport 2021 Is The Bronco’s Amazing Baby

LOOK AT THE VEHICLES AND BIDES! Ford Bronco Sport is a new compact SUV – and the most advanced ….

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  1. Before you complain this isn’t a “real” Bronco, remember that not everyone wants the big full-size Bronco with removable everything and a much higher price tag. Think of this as a far more capable, better-looking alternative to boring bland crossovers and you’ll have a better perspective on it.

  2. I reckon they found ways to save money with some focus groups that don't care too much about the finer details like the steering wheel feel. This thing is nowhere near the cost of a Jeep, and neither is the full-size Bronco. I have heated CLOTH seats in my 2002 Ford F-150. It isn't that odd. It's entirely possible.


    (Two weeks later)

    Dealership: This weekend only we will remove the mark up and accept your A-Plan.

    Me: Ok

  4. Starting to think that car companies are adding little details (specially where the car shape is hidden here there) just for Doug to point them out as a new marketing strategy.

  5. Amazing, but what about a cork screw for us kick as woman who drink wine vs. beer when out and about kicking ass!

  6. Great move with branding choices! Love the Goat mode. : ) go EV or 40 mpg and I could be ready to buy. Great review, maybe ratings would be higher for similar reasons.

  7. Is there a more over hyped for no reason vehicle than the Ford bronco?? I'll never get it. If you like that's fine and all, but they hype… just doesn't make any sense. And it's all these 20 year old (I'm in my 20s too) who have no connection to the old bronco lol. It's strange. Its also a weird….I grew up in/live in a country town so I love the Ford bronco.

  8. Its NOT a BRONCO… Its a Bronkette… lol… Look like something a Ford deal would talk my sister into buying.. thinking she was getting a REAL BRONCO..

  9. I decided not to buy the bronco sport because of the white headliner. I ordered the rapid red with the black and brown interior. Still, I found out Ford was going to put a white headliner in the vehicle when it’s considered an off-road vehicle vehicle, and you’re going to have dirty hands, so why would you have a white headliner in an active type vehicle that you’re going to be messy when you get back in it. So Ford, build the bronco sport, especially red with black or brown interior with a black headliner. I canceled my pre-order, and I will not order another bronco sport until you get a black headliner into the vehicle.

  10. i like this more than the new bronco tbh i like boxyness of the bronco but it almost too much and the sport just gets it perfectly

  11. Thank god they didn’t put a stupid power lift gate that beeps ten thousand times and takes a minute to open and close

  12. Him: “the two liter turbo has a good amount of power for a car this size”
    2013 Focus ST with the same engine putting out more power in a smaller car and a manual: “tell me about it…”

  13. This should be the 2021 Ford Escape, and the new/actual “ford escape” should keep it under Mazda brand. It looks like a typical Escape.


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