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The Ford C-Max has been given a mid-life facelift for 2015, but is it the best car for growing families? Visit the Telegraph Cars …

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  1. How deep is the boot with the rear seats removed completely? Room enough for two 1.85 cm tall people to lay down in?

  2. Why do you show the richest versions? Show these poor versions then you can compare what I get in the basic version in each brand.

  3. My daughter purchased a 2015 Ford C-Max with less than 20K miles on it, clear title, never been in an accident. Now Ford is saying that the car is under a salvage title. Checking with the state we live in and the title is clean, we have documentation showing this to be true. Ford says the problem is with the state, but it is not. They will not do anything about this error on their part. Because of this, my daughter cannot have any warranty work done on the car. We are filing complaints with our state's Attorney General's office, BBB, Federal Trade Commission and any other consumer protection agencies to get this resolved.

  4. Ohhh here we are! . It's time to release some significant updates on this "wonder" ford, sad but realistic truth ° ALL Black documented on white: 11 months 9500 km : the seals of the four doors, ATTACHED WITH DOUBLE-SIDED !!!, with hot first became separated, paint jumping, over a centimeter of air between the front window and the dashboard that do not adhere to each other (never seen such a thing !!!), foam coming out of the center console, paint handle rear passenger built-haired, sill rear passenger rail mounted despite the attacks were apparently broken, 1 cm of air between the rear pillar and sky, the driver's seat impossible to describe: it should be seen for how many humps and malformations has, coating the rear middle seat ousted / faulty: you he sees the foam that is below !! These are just some of the goodies current Ford qualities that the parent company has decided to provide added value to my car. I do not know who they were assemblers of my car but should be impaled to 'instant !! Instead Ford pays them! Registered Sept. 4, 2015. September 24 was already by the Padua Ford Store for "post left pillar trim off" and "ant-pillar trim right off" I thought, ok, come on .. we can stand. "Then everything else. Appointment to August 3 with replacement cars, to solve the many problems: I go the afternoon of August 5 because they call me and tell me that the machine "is ready." Once there NOTHING was done if not cut the foam and re-attach a plastic piece jumped from under the seat of one of the pax post. Oh .. and do 14 km with my car for do not know what (needed to go to the grocery store ??!). "You know sir.. there are the holidays .. the seals have not arrived" so what the hell did you bring me the car to do?!?!?!? Everything postponed to September 5, the day when I leave the car and I am told that I will be returned on Friday of the same week, that is, today on September 9. And according to you how it went ???! I'll tell you: I call of course, because they not even for the cabbage: "Yes Sir, s the car is ready, the Fly Doctor is testing it now.. except that it is not the job of the rear seat was done because the technical ford wanted to check the problem by himself in person. And the piece, which will be replaced under warranty, is not available, it must be ordered. I have to say that I had sent photos of the event and to Ford dealership weeks ago; In addition about 10 days ago the customer service by phone had already confirmed to me that for this specific case the work would be done under warranty, and yet today they invented this crap. Of course I replied that I am not going to pick up the car because it is not ready, Maybe it is almost ready, something has done, but it is NOT ready at all !!! The had my car by th Ford Store a work week !!. Ready means that everything has been done. And since it has not been done, I will go when it's all done. And you want to bet that the works they have done on my car have been done with the ASS?!?!?! With great regret I have to say I'm a myth collapsed: NO MORE FORD and will do everything to disclose what is happening to me, because people need to know !! NOTHING WORKS BEST OF word of mouth!

  5. I find it very annoying that Ford put the cruise control on the left hand side. Most people are right hand dominated anyway.

  6. Great review. The only problem is that display panel, they say using the phone in the car is life threatening then using that display must mean your already dead. Anyway, fantastic, in depth review as ever.

  7. Maximum security prisons in South Africa are called C-Max prisons.

    This car then must be the obvious choice for all prison wardens and inmates upon release. :p

  8. Learn how to get colors and lighting right, really. Colors are too cold and saturation could be lowered. It doesn't look professional like this. Weather must have been difficult, but it just doesn't look natural.


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