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  1. So harder plastic will make the car better? Or not cheap, so what? It's a cover, makes no difference, what a BS review

  2. I have 2017 version and I like the car and I didn't agreed with mat what matters to me is the safety features in the car it's have ABS and esc and others safety features and 6 or 7 airbag and it's cheap here I agreed inside build not that great but it's okay the important the safety and higher levels car with cheaper price for our not good road and some off roads and agreed the most I hate in the car the rear door and the space behind in the trunk but you can't have it all with this price.

  3. Contributing comments here are not as valid as my neighbour's appraisal, who has owned her Ecosport since 2014. She loves it

  4. my dad has 2015 focus so I consider getting this ford but it just cost more than Juke and honestly Juke feels better and has 5 star while this ford has 4 star safety rating…

  5. You do know 44mpg is like really fucking good right? The new one that's coming to America only gets 30 something and that's still really good for a car let alone an suv

  6. having lived with a gen 1 land rover Freelander for 12 years, in the real world, the spare wheel on the boot and the side hinged door isn't a problem. I'd never had issues with it, whilst reversing into parking spaces, in my time of ownership

  7. Wow that interior quality can only be described as sub-Dacia…!! Also for an "SUV" it manages to be quite impractical. You would have to know absolutely NOTHING about cars to buy one of these. Surprised Ford UK even opted to sell it here, it doesn't help the brand image one bit.

  8. Shut up . .the car is more than worth compared to its price..its a decent car and the car body is damn strong..comfort is great.. Got great ground clearance.. I own Ecosport for past 1yr and its a joy to own one..great car at great price..

  9. Own an ecosport Ecooboost and it really is good for Indian Conditions. Worth each and every penny in this segement. Dont know about other countries though.


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