Ford F-150 Lightning: Can it Really Tow our Airstream?

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  1. That’s great ! Tesla needs to have a little push , they’re taking their sweet time. Rivian , Ford have their truck The leader of the world in EV will soon get their Hummer on sale

  2. can you charge the truck with the rv 50 amp plug and then plug the camper into the 30 amp plug in the bed at the same time?

  3. I just viewed a video of the lighting fully charged tow a 6000 lb RV on the interstate and only made it 86 miles before heading to the charger with 9% charge remaining.

  4. don't buy this ev truck if you plan on doing any decent-size towing. avoid it like the plaque. also don't forget that fast charging battery degrades much faster.

  5. You can also use the Lightning’s battery to power your Airstream! There is a 220v outlet in the bed.

  6. Try towing a trailer uphill. You won't get far. 100 lbs of battery has the same energy as one lb of fuel. 1 gal of gas weighs 6.5 lbs think about it.

  7. Correcting some misconceptions: included evse ("charger:) is only 30amp, allowing for 7.36kw charging speeds. Lightning can charge at 80amps for 19.2 kw ac charging, or in this case 48amp @ ~11.5 kw. In other words charging at an RV park would be more than 50% faster than what was shown in this video if you simply used a charger capable of maxing out the 50 amp outlet. As others have noted the higher into the pack you charge the slower it goes, but that's for DC fast charging – ac charging won't have a curve except for perhaps the last percent or two, which might actually inflate the time to 100% being shown by the car.

  8. I am happy to see you be honest about the make or break call on the E-truck. As an engineer, I already knew the answer to the question of practicality of an E-truck with todays technolgy and capabilities. Maybe some day we will have power cells that can regen quickly and solve the problems with E-Trucking.

  9. Awe come on guys it'll give you a chance to fraternitze at the charging station every hour with your face diaper on talking about how many boosters you got

  10. Great experiment. Fun. If you could charge overnight how would the rv get the power? I think it’s very cool. We have to get rv parks on board too. Loads of them do not allow car charging.

    I still think hydrogen will end up in bigger trucks with an electric motor in the future when electricity will start to short out.

  11. Trucks should not be electric until it can tow a camper or boat and still get 500 miles per charge. Stick with little cars.

  12. If you're only towing it about 35 miles one way, then sure. Because you can only go around 70 miles safety towing.

  13. TBH, Here's the real question. Why do you even have a Superduty to tow a AirstreaM? LOL. I know people that have an Audi Q5 that tows it just fine.

  14. As has been stated millions of times before…The EV vehicle technology is way ahead of the EV infrastructure. And until these two equalize, towing with an EV is not going to be practical.


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