Ford F-150 Tremor VS Toyota Tundra TRD Pro – Which Truck Handles Mud, Water & Rocks Better?

We pit the Ford F-150 Tremor against the Toyota TRD Pro off-road to see which truck has better clearance and which puts its …

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  1. Man truck prices are over the roof!! Wow! Ford it’s 2022, get rid of the dipstick antenna, it’s an $80k plus truck!!

  2. You do a good test with these trucks, mud is a great place to test traction. Compared to the people in Colorado that just go over rocks at 2 mph and avoid foul weather at all costs your tests are decent.

  3. Between the 2 I would definitely pick the Tremor, having said that I would go another step further and get a F250 Tremor

  4. Wish OEMs would come up with cat protection shields or at the very least offer it as an accessory with threaded holes.

  5. Why aren't any of the U.S. made SUVs & Trucks have smooth bottoms, I mean guts hanging here & there… all Asian and European SUVs & Trucks have smooth bottoms. There is gotta be a reason!

  6. Ford all day long. Just my opinion, but tt's been a long while since Toyota made anything that wasn't overstyled, and the Tundra cranks up that trend to 11 in my opinion. I've seen some in my neighborhood. UGGGGLY.

  7. Toyota living off it's Tacoma and 4runner reputation for offroading, clearly the Tundra is out of it's element.

  8. It's obvious why the F Series is always the top selling vehicle. Ford knows how to build trucks.

  9. Skid Plate is aluminum to save weight imagine how much that large plate would weigh if steel won't be as resistant to rocks etc.

  10. 21 TRD has Tow Hooks. Funny thing is my 2012 SR5 Off Road pulled it fair share of other US made trucks out. 2008 Tacoma pulled the most out. Snowmobiling can put trucks and trailers in interesting places. Best part of my old truck is off-roading is quiet. No parking senors

  11. I am not a ford fan but God damn this f150 is far superior to that toyota.

    Anyone who offroads knows aluminum skidplates are useless. It's steel or bust.

    No tow hooks? Wtf?

    Also typical irritating toyota beeping for no reason I see continues.

  12. The beeping in both trucks is obnoxious. If that feature can't be disabled without disconnecting the system, I wouldn't want it. I think I'll stick with older tech and continue to drive my 13 Tundra!

  13. Great comparison. Personally I would have used low gear for almost.all of those. It would have made it much smoother.

    Thanks for putting this together.

  14. Is the 20k price difference worth it for the Ford. I agree with locking rear end sucks only in 4 low on Toyota

  15. Thank you for the video. We chose a 22 tremor vs TRD. I took it out yesterday in some very beautiful mountains and it climbed like a mountain goat!

  16. Love this video, I did a lot of reviews and ended up with a 2022 Tremor in Alberta right next to the Mountains. I appreciate what you put the trucks through just to know what it is capable of. Now I need to go test mine out more but sure does pull my trailer nice so far.

  17. F150s & Tundras way too much money nowadays for a 1/2 ton & Ford are increasing the prices even more ! Tundras just looks ugly & cheap interior plastics. I’ll be keeping my Landcruiser.
    Excellent video✅
    Dad has mellowed with age & was outstanding with cool calm commentary
    Superb camerawork
    Outstanding obstacles & underbody assessment
    Subscribed, every truck manufacturer should be using you guys.
    Get some bug repellent!

  18. I'm a Toyota man, but the new Tundra has nothing that excites me over the competition, I'd take the Ford over the Tundra. Actually, from what I've heard so far, I'd take the GM and the Dodge over the Tundra too.


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