Ford Focus 2014 Review – Auto Express

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  1. every ford focus 2014 owner I've talked to has had problems with the clutch slipping after a half year of use.

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  3. Hi there Auto Express, I am in the market for a Focus Econetic Navigator from the same year. Is it any good?

  4. Everyone saying it looks like a Kia, looks like a Fiat, looks like this, looks like that.. No it doesnt it looks like the new ford focus everyone looks for comparisons because they don't like change get real this car is dope as fuck and amazing price for what you get.

  5. Why do testers go on and on (for half the video) about complicated infotainment systems in cars which I don't give a fuck about (and are a distraction on the road). Mostly I care about the driving experience and the Focus delivers, especially with a manual transmission and the Sport Package which my black 2014 Focus hatch has at a very reasonable price. Other than the front grille the 2015 car is basically the same, which is good.   

  6. Yea i)  Doubt the engine was run in ii)  Driving through mountains with verve in any car wrecks economy iii) Was he showing economy at the end of the downslope?  He still looked very high up.  So he's shown economy driving up a hill?!  Bad.

  7. Why do Ford persist with the 90s style bee sting aerials? New cars look quite dated with these and should be pointed out by the testers…,

  8. Might be one of the few who finds this refresh pointless and depressing.  I like the looks of the current model.  Why do all Fords have to have the same face?  This no longer looks like a Focus.  My mid-cycle refresh would have included a bit more room, like the Mk1 version.  Also, a wagon for us poor Canadians who unfortunately share the continent with 316 million SUV-loving @$$holes who somehow can't see the value in a sporty wagon.

  9. The issue is people don't know how to drive economically! I get 46.5 mpg out of my 134hp 1.6 fiesta which is a mix of round town and Highway about 60/40. That just 1mpg less than the combined figure. I have had it up to 56mpg on a motorway journey.
    No matter how efficient the engine is, if you can't drive efficiently then your never get good mpg.

  10. I haven't liked the styling since my MK1 which i liked a lot, this one is big improvement over the previous
    Nice looking car!

  11. Mr Watson sells it on the Driving, but the improved tech can't fix that retched jagged interior. Keep em coming Sexy Mat. 


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