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The Ford Focus is one of the UK’s most popular cars, but does the latest model have what it takes to beat the VW Golf? Rebecca …

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  1. What sort of person finds that too much hassle when folding seats? Seriously, if you find that a lot of work then you need to be taking a long hard look at yourself.

  2. Anyone in U.S. or Canada, PLEASE call or write Ford Customer Service. Tell them we want the new generation Fiesta and/or Focus hatchbacks with manual transmission option in the U.S./Canadian market. If all their customers are telling them, they'll listen and bring us BACK these best-in-class driver's hatches. Thank you for your support in this petition effort!

  3. All the Ford products which were designed and produced with Mazda should be checked for faulty air bags which could explode in the face of people with the risk of severe facial injury and even death. This is the result of that unprecedented airbag fault on ALL japanese cars and all Ford vehicles related to Japanese models. According to CNBC, this problem has not been resolved by Ford. This air bag is actually the worst fraud in the history of automobiles as it has been a cover-up by the all .

  4. in the age of equality its good to see that women car reviewers are just as annoying as their male counterparts…

  5. Boot is to small she says compare to a dull golf but most people dont need a big boot duhh. Cheez louize terrible test. It looks great drives great and great engine what more do you want?

  6. The review doesnt say what the ride is like and says that the car is great to drive but gives a 7/10 for driving? Seems a bit of a mixed message. I thought the new car maybe had a better ride and was quieter than the last one.

  7. How is visibility part of how it drives and handling? You can keep your score for yourself :), no one cares about the scores.

  8. They have class action over the duel clutch so called automatic they say bait and switch i hope they go broke class action California and Australia. Must be a good car well I guess they can't get on hear and say what a wonderful peace of junk we built just buy it and live with it

  9. Buy a new ford focus 12 months later mine with 22k miles is worth 7.500. And know one wants them on a trade in we paid 23.000 for that junk Ben to the dealers 8 times can't fix it. Same with the fiesta. Junk big mistake if you car shopping and buy one of rheas cars. fORD found on the road dead how right they are

  10. Sloped rear window and thick C pillars makes reversed difficult …. although the huge reversing camera on the screen infront of you makes it a damn sight easier if you bother looking forward

  11. The manual biting point is actually really easy, if you know how to drive manual you won't have any troubles with that.

  12. That was an awful review Rebecca… I've watched your reviews in Carbuyer but I feel sorry for you now.. Need to appreciate good things.. the review was so biased.. What was the comparison about.. ??

  13. Lol, just wrote this comment in another car review. Same here: I don't understand why so many people drive their car with their coats on. Totally uncomfortable, and totally unnecessary with climate control present in almost every car these days.

  14. ok.. this channel is shit.. you have to look into mirrors to drive backwards, don't turn your head over the chair.. do you know how to drive?
    You compare this car with WV golf which is, at least, with 20% more expensive! What is wrong with her? the video title should be: Paid WV: Golf advertise using a Focus

    GOLF, CEED, ASTRA and Focus are in the same class but not in the same price range!

    anyway golf is a dull car.. the "classiness" was good back in 2005 . after 11 years they didn't changed the interior at all

  15. Focus or Golf? let me think….The Golf is bland, dull and the interior is utterly hideous. No brainer for me. As for the Golf being classier? Don't make me laugh, it is over priced shite.


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