Ford Maverick Lightning and Ranger Lightning EVs – What To Expect!

The Ford F-150 Lightning, while new to the market, is already gaining a lot of attention for its towing capability, performance and …

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  1. I would love an electric PHEV Maverick…….
    My 2018 Ford Focus gets, when babied, 40MPH in the summer.
    I wish ford word make an electric Ford Focus.
    I need to convince my land lord to put a level 2 charger on his trailers…maybe some small solar panels.

  2. I must have awd. If I don't there WILL BE times I am trapped in my neighborhood.

    If Ford would make an awd plug-in hybrid, I would be on board.

  3. I really like your take on these names and how they can play out. I can see Ford during both names thunder and lightning in North America. Thunder would have dealers a chance to have those trucks along with the ICE versions in stock. While consumers could order the Lightning from the website just like how Ford wants all of their EV's sold.

  4. feel sorry for electric  car  drivers and future  owners. They will simply  have to learn the hard way .. as I did. These things are a huge hassle, all those lost hours sitting in those  charging  stations, huge anxiety, plus a outrageous expense  in the long run. Batteries  are very … very expensive to replace ( thousands of dollars) …  and make no mistake, you will be replacing them. These batteries are highly toxic to our environment,  with a high potential for disaster to our surroundings. COBALT  LITHIUM BATTERIES ARE NOT CLEAN ENERGY BY ANY MEANS!  …

          I wish I knew all this before I bought my car .  Do your homework before buying !

  5. As an owner of EVs, one of the guaranteed results of most of them will give you plenty of ANXIETY! Now we have more BS about putting a gas guzzling truck into an EV mode. First, why do people buy these trucks? Propaganda on the media helps these sales. Do you know that 93% of truck owners NEVER use the bed!
    Additionally, the dealers get away with charging the stupid buyers of trucks a 30% markup compared to a car.
    Now this propaganda is promising an EV truck that will make everything better. So, for example, the manufacturers think that the car buyer is so stupid that they will buy an EV Hummer that weighs 9000 pounds and has a starting price of $110,000!
    Hey, my Toyota Prius can get up to 80 mpg. It uses both electricity and gas. Oh, and it cost me $40,000! Hey, here's your super thanks for this baloney.

  6. Plug in hybrids make much more sense that plug in electric in the US. It not that US buyers “don’t understand how electric works…” as you so insultingly stated, it’s that it simply DOESNT work well for many American’s YET. They’re not cost effective nor are they green or even practical for many of us. Just because many would like to see us mandated to move that way, we Americans don’t really take to authoritarianism well. Historically speaking.

  7. Omit the gas powered drive train motor transmission rear end Etc. along with the maintenance that goes along with it and replace it with batteries of the same equivalent cost and you’ll have a 300+ mile range pick up. Dealerships would love the Hybrid drive train because I would still get to do the maintenance on your gas powered drive train.

  8. I LOVE electric. I HATE what FORD is doing to name-plates. MAVERICK is a TWO DOOR SPORT COUPE like Mustang. I owned a MAVERICK GT and hate that they ignore their own history. Furthermore MUSTANG IS A TWO DOOR SPORT COUPE as well. I love the concept and everything about the MACH-E, but as long as there's a MUSTANG on it I'll never buy one. And one more thing. BRING BACK THE THUNDERBIRD!! As a 2 door/2 seat Corvette killer like it was originally intended!! Electric of course.

  9. Given that compact/midsize trucks are not used for towing nearly as often as fullsize trucks (the main range killer for EVs), I really see a PHEV compact/midsize truck to be a waste. I'm in the process of finishing my ~90 kWh pack for the original Ford Ranger Electric, and based on original efficiency numbers from Ford, SCE, and Idaho National Labs, that should be enough for about 300 miles of real-world range and about 250 miles of freeway speed range (about the same as the Extended Range F-150 Lightning). A modern Ranger build with modern NCM batteries could easily support a 100 kWh pack, and I would expect that in factory trim, it could have similar range numbers to the Extended Range F-150 Lightning.

  10. I expect a certain segment of the population to cry, nash teeth, and be afraid just like those same folks did when we went from horse and buggy to gas vehicles. They'll be ginned up by their chosen politican.

  11. I ordered a Maverick First Edition 11 months ago and I am still waiting. So a full electric Maverick will take like 3 years wait.

  12. I think the USA missed a huge chance to upgrade the infrastructure to help getting the electric grid functional for all the electric vehicles coming on line soon. (Thanks manchin) ! Also I think the name of the new truck might borrow from 1964 … THUNDERBOLT!!

  13. The F150 lightning is garbage. It loses half its range when you tow anything. So do ICE F150s, but they can have anither fuel tank installed & can get fuel anywhere and everywhere QUICKLY. For these EVs, you're screwed unless you barely use the thing.

    That's why the only people buying F150 lightnings are people who've never owned a pickup truck before. Ford spins this as a "good thing because we're attracting new customers" – no, you've traded all your actual users & customers for EV enthusiasts who will move onto the next cool EV thing. Ford is keeping silent that businesses and F150 owners are rejecting it exactly for the reasons I listed above.

  14. I could not be more excited about this development – i'll be an ev shopper in 2025, replacing a 2015 Honda, and the options seem to just be getting better and better (both in quality but also accessible prices!)

  15. Thank you for your thoughts on the Ranger and Maverick EV future. I am in the US and have a F150 Lightning reservation and currently have an older F150 ICE (2012). At this point, after Ford upping the price on the Lightning XLT extended, I am going to drop my reservation. I really want an all electric Ranger. The size suits me much better and I love the new redesign. The Maverick is cute, but too small for me.

  16. I wish people would stop saying you can buy a fire lighting for $40k. That’s a GD JOKE…. Maybe Ford made two of those vehicles in the entire country, because everywhere I’ve been charged $60k OR MORE for this “affordable” truck. I want one, but not for 50%+ of “retail”.

  17. I have been a devoted Ford buyer for over 30 years and Ford is losing it's ever loving mind over this stupid endeavor to shirt circuit itself on something it believes America wants which We are not stupid to believe it will be in Our best interest to buy something that is bound to cost Us a arm and leg to invest in and maintain when We all know the batteries are beyond belief at around $15,000.00 to $20,000.00 to replace and We all know wind machine and solar will never supply enough energy to keep this junk on the road !

  18. The launch of the new ranger looks like its appart of the same family now. I have gone in and ask an Aus dealer about the hybrid model. All they know is its coming, they don't know when or what it will look like.
    Think some spy photos captured phev models in testing in Europe.
    I'm excited for them as hybrids are ideal for bridging eletric city driving and then capable of distant travel into the bush. Charging infestructure is very limited in out back aus and non existent once you leave the main highways.
    I'm saving already in anticipation of their release.

  19. I wish YouTubers like you would base your speculations on real vehicle engineering rather than musings derived from trademark filings (by the way, you seem to mistakenly believe that a trademark filing in the US is only applicable to North America – it really does not work that way). BASED ON ENGINEERING/TECHNOLOGY CONSIDERATIONS,, here are some better informed speculations:

    THERE WILL ALMOST CERTAINLY BE A PHEV MAVERICK. Likely a 2024, it will use the same (or nearly so) powertrain and C-Platform components as the PHEV Escape. This reduces development costs and makes for manufacturing savings. It will offer an EV range of 40± miles, because the size of the battery is constrained by what the current Ford PHEV space geometry for the C-Platform allows. The PHEV will NOT be available in AWD, ever. The design of the battery does not allow a driveshaft to run the length of the chassis. In the US, the PHEV Maverick will be a very successful seller.

    THERE MAY BE A PHEV RANGER (but not any time soon). Not a lot is known about the P703 Platform that is the basis for the new Ranger. Its capacity to be modified for PHEV is unclear. What is known is that none of the initial engine offerings – in North America or globally – for the 2023 Ranger are hybrids. NONE. It is hard to engineer a PHEV drivetrain into a new vehicle platform if there isn't an existing hybrid offering.

    THERE WILL PROBABLY BE ALL ELECTRIC MAVERICKS AND RANGERS – BUT NOT THIS GENERATION. BEV small and mid-sized trucks from Ford must wait until its new utility vehicle electric architecture is ready – which is model year 2026 at earliest. It could happen with a refresh of the Maverick in that model year, or it could be a model with different badging. I'm purely speculating here, but I suspect that the new Ford electric utility vehicle architecture will resemble GM's Ultium platform (which, contrary to what many people think, isn't just a battery technology, but a holistic system approach to electrification). Also, like GM, I think it will rely on a "hybrid" vehicle structure; something that combines unibody with a chassis (or a skateboard) as it appears the new Silverado EV does. This requires a very high level of system/structure integration, so it cannot just be adapted to an existing vehicle, like what Ford did with the F-150 Lightning.

    Sharing this information with your subscribers would be far more substantive than the marketing based drivel you presented in this video.

  20. I own a Ford Maverick, and would consider trading up to a fully electric version. Getting 40 mpg is already a massive improvement over the 18 mpg my old Frontier got, but charging at home and the extra front trunk storage and added power would be a great upgrade to the hybrid.

  21. What to expect? Expect landfills full of non recyclable lithium batteries in 10 years releasing toxic chemicals … that's what to expect. Yay for going GREEN!

  22. The fact that hybrid technology from Ford (and definitely Toyota & Lexus) had existed for almost two decades really does my head in over why a hybrid utility vehicle hasn't been done before.

    Why'd you think so many priuses were turned into pickups by their owners?

  23. Do to range and towing issues, I'd be interested in a plug in hybrid. Enough battery to do my usual shopping, etc, but still be able to tow my boat 350 miles, 1 way, to a yearly race.
    I'm surprised no one is offering an electric vehicle with a smaller gas engine to be used only as a battery charger. At least Lotus and Toyota have developed these, but not in use yet.

  24. I think the PHEV is the ideal for a lot of people in America including me. The battery handles your day to day but its still up for your road trips and weekend getaways. People may understand how ridiculously big America is but they may not get how that impacts our concept of distances for road trips. The lighting even with a fast charger just adds too much time to your trip for a lot of people. A PHEV would allow you the speed of gas refueling for those trips.

  25. I have a Ranger and I would love it if they made and EV version. I love the truck and the size is perfect for me. The F150 is just too big. The Maverick bed is just a little too small. The bed on the Ranger fits my needs perfectly. I'd say if Ford made an EV Ranger, I'd be first in line, but that isn't true. There would be too much demand for them the first couple of years and I'm not willing to pay the extra dealing with that unless I manage to get a little lucky.

  26. Ford Rangers in North America had a variant called the Thunder Bolt in the 90s and early 00s. So this might be them bringing it back to ensure people don't confuse it for the f150.

  27. Plug-in hybrid maverick will be my dream car. Prius plug-in hybrid I would be worried would not handle the dirt roads at national parks. Can't wait to hear more about it!


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