Ford Maverick Overlander Camper Once Over

Justin and Amber’s amazing Ford Maverick & Camper. Justin created this pop top camper for their Maverick and his skills and …

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  1. How often do his friends sneak over and close his tailgate at 2am so he has to climb out the tent window. Immature? Yes. Funny? Also yes.

  2. I think this would be a really optimal setup for the older rangers (2011 and earlier) too. Given the size difference and those rangers being compact trucks along the lines of the maverick now. Would be a great bed setup I think

  3. Wonder if the whole setup is over $60k. I am still getting used to that lariate can go up to $55k. Crazy truck market.

  4. Cool video but the guy interviewing needs to stop talking over the guy who owns the truck. Makes it hard to watch

  5. This is sweet! Too bad that truck bed is just too small for me. I'd love a king cab 2 door with long bed. And I'm worried the topper is gonna crush the little trucks suspension super quick .

  6. You cant get a maverick around here, most of the time you cant even order one, and if you do they are charging $10,000 over msrp for a base model. I really wanted onw but im not getting raped for it. Whenever they come out witj a 4×4 model i shall reconsider.

  7. Dont call it a body lift ! call it a subframe drop !!! lol
    i genuinely though humanity moved on from blue plastic interiors haha
    i see i was mistaken. lol!!! its a dope SUV/truck… thing… but you couldnt find me dead in that interior lol

  8. Nice camper, It would be cool if you use a bat wing that goes around the side and the back so you have more shaded space. And if it rains you can get to the back of the truck so you don’t get wet. I like the ford maverick its reasonable price and can be used as a everyday use.

  9. are there any suspension lifts out for the Maverick? Every one seems to be spacers which are not very fun off road.

  10. This couple has a great vehicle and setup. This is just constructive, criticism, Thrifty Overlander, but can you please not talk over the person you're doing a video for? You were talking over Justin quite a bit and you don't have to respond to literally everything a person says. In a video like this, the person doing the tour is the main character, not you, so ask questions, certainly, but let them do the vast majority of the talking. I love content like this, but I can't stand your interview style.


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