Ford Maverick vs. Hyundai Santa Cruz: Which Of These Two On-Road Trucks Is Better OFF-Road?

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  1. That Maverick IS a Lariat Trim, BUT it doesn't have the OFFROAD FX4 package with the hill decent and mud/ruts modes + full metal skid plates.

  2. Winner —– GMC Canyon AT4 ! ———— I would love it if GMC came out with this truck in a Hybrid (Are you listening GMC???) ———- (On your test between the two) While I agree that the Ford Maverick did much better than the Hyundai Santa Cruz in this test but the Maverick's exhaust pipe being located below the rear end is placed in the exact spot to be ripped off the truck if you go 4 wheeling. In reality both of these vehicles are really only for paved roads or smooth gravel roads (not hill climbing). I would take that GMC Canyon AT4 anywhere any day.

  3. Nice video!! Ford Maverick in the FX4 package would have no problem with this.. Very impressive Ford Maverick

  4. What’s surprising is these vehicles are better than newer Subarus, which is sad considering Subaru has been known for it’s past amazing AWD systems. The problem is that they’re no longer mechanical it’s all based on open diffs and using brakes to send power, obviously as proven on multiple occasions by TFL. I can appreciate the honest reviews.

  5. My $33k Maverick has FX4 which adds off-roading drive modes like mud/ruts, pretty decently sized skid plates, as well as the hill decent control. It also adds different tires but they aren’t off road tires.

  6. I ordered my maverick earlier this months and have just been watching videos about it hyping myself up ever since lol. I got the 2.0 eco boost, tow package and off road package. Very excited! Won’t get it until march though but still can’t wait!

  7. Is this really a test that needed to be done, idiotic comes to mind, this channel is not worth watching at all.

  8. i gotta say, I have been VERY impressed with Ford's vehicles over the past few years. I was sad to see the Fusion and Focus go, but the vehicles they have been releasing, most of them seem to be amazing in their respective classes and even punching above their weight.

  9. I had a Hyundai Elantra Sport with a DCT. It had trouble with my sloped driveway just getting it into my garage. I would not buy another car with a DCT until they are improved. The trouble is, you don't realize the extent of the problems you may have until you drive the vehicle for a while. Thanks TFL for exposing the clutch burning problems in steep terrain with the Santa Cruz.

  10. Maverick is looking better and better. For people that understand the purpose for light trucks, it's going to be a great option. The hybrid (if they don't need AWD) still has similar hp to the old rangers and gets insane gas mileage. I think auto part stores and the light will probably switch to these for light truck work like they used the ranger and tacoma in the past. much cheaper base price and much better gas mileage.

  11. The maverick is pretty good for a car, it's not a real truck in my eyes but it doesn't need to be, it just needs to do fine offroad and haul things for people who don't need a work truck

  12. I think a DCT in a truck that has the potential to tow something is a terrible idea. Especially for people who are unaware that they have clutches, some who don’t even know what a clutch is. You need to treat it the same as a regular manual transmission so you don’t burn them out.

  13. i want the cruz so bad but the premium trim is so expensive.. hyundai really makes some of the best looking cars and now Truck crossovers. I only wish toyota would step up their game in design as they make some underwhelming looking cars/trucks.

  14. Why are you comparing a Ford truck to a Hyundai activity vehicle??? Hyundai has never said nor claimed the santa cruz is a truck. It is STUPID TO COMPARE APPLES AND ORANGES AND SAY WHICH IS A APPLE. I am so stupid for purchasing the santa cruz. I do not want to go off road, I do not want to pull a trailer, help move my friend. I know what I need, like and want. I don't want a truck, that's why I am driving a HYUNDAI SANTA CRUZ.


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