Ford Mustang Production in the USA

Ford Mustang Production in the United States, Ford Mustang Bullitt, Ford Mustang Cobra, Ford Mustang GT, Flat Rock Assembly …

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  1. would love to know what kinds of mental coping / mood improvement strategies workers on assembly lines like this use to beat the monotony. Seems like it would get a little mind numbing after the 20th or so engine block is rolled in front of you and you do your little step for the 20th time…. and you have 7 hours left in your shift.

  2. Some buyers and customers should sometimes watch this video first before going to a third-rate tuner. There is no better way to drive a works Mustang when a lot of people are working on such a beautiful car. Then you also learn to appreciate the “Ford Mustang” product and vehicle. Thank you for these deep insights into the production of the Ford Mustang.

  3. 6:37 That's cool. Building a Mustang for the European market it looks like?
    7:14 Those are interesting looking bionic braces those guys are wearing. Probably to reduce fatigue in the arms?

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  6. Unfortunately resale value is crap 1987 saleen 27k garage kept dealers trade in value crap 'no more mustangs Porsche is on the menu now

  7. I ordered a 2022 GT/CS three weeks ago. It's interesting to watch how they put these together, just wish they'd have had a section for the engine and transmission going in. Gonne be at least a couple of more months before I get mine. Can't wait.


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