Ford PUMA is back – but not as you expected!

This is the new Ford Puma! The most beautiful and affordable puma you remember in the 90s… ago, and was replaced by ….

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  1. I agree with frank call it the ford Garfield !!! Lol wtf?? Who buys fords nowadays anyway! After seeing focus & fiesta models that put me off buying fords!!!!

  2. The Puma looks like a frog. Inside it is dark as if you were in a dark cave. No colour, no light…to had insult to injury, the only colour and light making the interior a bit more lively are those blue gauges in the instrument panel. Not sure if blue will be the best colour to have shine at your eyes at night
    Not for me.

  3. In my opinion, at this price point, if you are looking at an above average trim, you are better off buying a 3008.

  4. In Greece, the Ford Puma Titanium Version 1.0 125hbp comes with drum brakes in the rear!!! Does that happen worldwide? Why drum brakes at the same when the ST line version with the same horsepower and engines comes with disk brakes? Safety feature sold as optional upgrade?

  5. Anyone can tell me if the Titanium version has the Adaptive Cruise control ? I could only found the cruise controll but I couldn't set distance from any car in front. Appreciate ur help .

  6. Its not back. Its just a cancerous suv/cuv trend calling itself a Puma. Only wankers with a lack of taste buy suvs/cuvs

  7. When did everyone complain about “another sedan”? This SUV bashing is stupid. Manufacturers make what sells. If you don’t like what they offer then walk.


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