Ford Ranger 2020 review: Wildtrak

The Ford Ranger Wildtrak has achieved icon status. It’s the ute people refer to as the one they want when you ask them… well, …

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  1. One of the best if not the best vehicle I have ever driven! Or owned Don’t think twice about it, they are amazing!! But make sure you get the bi turbo with the most bhp, the rest is just there for you enjoy

  2. Must be a paid video! Brakes are good?? Lol its got drums in rear haha! Also another of poo nearly came out when someone pulled out in front of me

  3. i bought the ford ranger my 20.25 2020 model bi turbo wild track its a great car i have had it for 4 month just love it i think its better than the x5 i had before i sold it that was 4 years old ,

  4. I traded my 2018 Ranger Wildtrak for the new 2020 Raptor. Worse mistake I ever made. Raptor looks and drives great, but can't tow, and can't over take very easily on a highway.

  5. This car is actually more interested than you have ever imagined and the interior and technology is really great

  6. I'm thinking the Ranger is going to be my next vehicle. My first car was 96 ranger xlt, and I miss that little truck. I need another

  7. I dislike the 4 door hilux since they made them smaller in the cab and flicked up the seats. Unless your 4 foot tall in the front and a child without a booster seat in the back forget the hilux.


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