Ford Ranger Raptor – a top pick-up truck! Full review on & off-road – complete with a huge jump!

Full review of the Ford Ranger Raptor pick-up truck. This range-topping Raptor has a performance suspension that’s tested on the …

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  1. So did you buy one? Lol

    In Canada here and I understand why you had so many nice words for a truck – I have a F150 Raptor which is huge compared to the Ranger but just as crazy!

  2. I love mine !!! It’s an amazing machine.
    I can see the rust on your chassis. Really bad. Mine is on the list like 90% of new Ford Ranger Raptor’s to be taken back.

  3. Just picked up a Sasquatch bronco with the 2.7 a few months ago, over here in the states. I Feel like you would like it the same. I certainly do.

  4. As far as I can gather all Ford Rangers are not classed by the DoT as Dual Purpose Vehicle but are Light Commercials (in excess of 2040 kg unladen weight) and as such have speed limits of 50 MPH on single carriageway roads and 60 on dual carriageways. Same applies to Merc X Class, VW Amarok, new Navaras and new Hiluxes. Pretty unlikely anyone will ever get nicked but worth noting.

  5. I didnt think the raptor was available in the UK? Has this changed or is this a ranger with a bodykit & options added?

  6. I just read an article saying the new double cab ranger in all trim specs, including Raptor has an unladen weight over 2040Kg. It’s speed limited to 50mph on single and 60mph on dual carriageways.

  7. it looks really big. too big for city driving and a pain to park. I'm thinking on buying me a truck for weekend getaways, but I'm stuck between the ranger, Santa Cruz, or go full electric..

    is the ranger raptor full time RWD ? with 4×4 capabilities ?

  8. That pallet was pushed in its the wrong way around for a forklift if the tailgate dropped all the way down it would be better not saying a good operator couldn't do it

  9. There must be one with a bigger engine. 2 .2 is so feeble. I hired one without the diff-lock and it was useless.

  10. The suspension on this is amazing! And as a daily driver, green laning, camping machine it is the ultimate thing they sell in the U.K… at least till the Gladiator arrives. Sadly, 10 seconds to 60! That’s genuinely glacial!!! Perhaps not for the U.K. market, but it is from a world perspective.


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