Ford Ranger Trucks to Avoid on Everyman Driver

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  1. My 2001 was great except for the transmission bowing the reverse servo. At least for the first 150k miles, then developed a valve cover leak.

  2. I love my 2011 Ranger 105,000 + miles and only back to the dealer twice. CR didn’t ask me but I think it’s a 5 star rating. I wish someone would make a small (Ranger size) truck. Someday I will need a new one. Maybe a barn find will do.

  3. Where I live, it seems like every 3rd person owns a Ranger; they are everywhere! And lots of them are old ones, including mine. I got a 1988 Ranger given to me a couple months ago, & I love it.

  4. 2011 Ford Ranger 2.3l 4cyl 2wd = UNSTOPPABLE!!!! I have had her for over 5 years now and she only had 78,000 when I got her. She now has 209,xxx on the dash and is running as smooth as can be. Wheel bearings, ball joints, brakes, spark plugs and wires are literally all I have HAD to replace on this truck. 5 out of 5 stars for me!!!

  5. I have a '99. Bought in 2005. 4×4, 4.0 V6, 194,000 miles now, never had any of those issues. It's had issues, but nothing more than you would expect from any vehicle as it aged. Great truck.

  6. Love my ranger 2019 never had a old one but truly enjoy the new one gets up and goes for a 4 cylinder twin turbo but I see old ones everywhere where I’m from!

  7. I wouldn't buy any of the recent Turbo charged GDI Ford's used. If past owners ran them 10,000 miles between oil changes the timing chains will be shot. Buy new, change oil every 4,000 to 5,000 miles, unless you can find one with verifiable maintenance.

  8. I'd buy my 1999 Ranger xlt supercab again. It has been the most trouble free vehicle I've ever owned – 22 years, 225,000 miles as a work truck. My wife has had 3 new vehicles (two VW's and a Subaru) since I bought the Ranger and ALL of them have had more serious issues and cost more to keep running.

  9. I had a 2004 4×4 xlt supercab with the 4.0 V6 and a 5 speed manual. I put about 200k miles on it the 15 years I owned it and it was a great little truck! My only complaint was that the rear drum brakes were problematic the last several years, seemed like after 100k once a year I'd have to replace springs or just pull it all apart and clean them up to keep everything working properly. The parking brake liked to stick on cold mornings when I'd let my truck warm up too. Just recently traded in the '04 for a 2020 Lariat and so far I love the new Ranger!

  10. Hiw is the mpg in the city amd how are the back seats as far as comfort with 3 adults and a 90lbs dog? I was gonna get the ridgline but I been reading that people get 13-16 mpg in the city which is to low for me..I drive 60 miles to work everyday 50% city and 50% highway

  11. What?! I have a 1999 Ford Ranger XLT 4X4 Supercab, slightly lifted with 16" muds on it, and almost 300,000 kms. While it has had it normal everyday wear and tear, dings and bangs, I have never had a problem with it. The engine purrs, it can go bush banging with ease, highway driving is perfectly fine even doing 160kmph. I have done everything with it, from driving to the store to get milk to doing house renovations with heavy tools and equipment. And, I will admit this, I am not someone who gets all their oil changes, cleans, fixes and repairs. This must be different in Canada, because these Rangers are great. And they are still in high demand, with high prices.

  12. I'm thinking of buying a 2000? This is sandwhiched in between the 99 and 01 models which don't sound good so idk.. is the 2000 okay?

  13. Anyone that owns a 1986 Ranger, most likely doesn't even know the internet exists. They are too busy looking for ginseng up in the mountains 😀

  14. SO, in '99 morale stunk and they build a crappy Ranger, in 2000 they got it right, but they got it wrong again in 2001….I think I'll skip the new Bronco until the used ones start averaging 100K miles and we will see.

  15. Had a 2000 with a manual. Went through a clutch slave cylinder about every 50k. You have to drop the transmission to replace it. Was told by a friend who's a mechanic that was not unusual.

  16. I may either get a new Ranger or Edge. If the Edge cannot easily cross a river i will go with a crew cab Ranger

  17. The 2021 ranger ecoboost come standard with turbochargers
    More sooner than later Ford Turbochargers get filled with carbon deposits and fail . They need extra maintenance

  18. I just tried 99 with 241000 on it and it drove like a charm gear lights were of a few lil scars but it felt great


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