Ford Ranger Wildtrak V6 2022 Review

The King is dead, long live the King! The new Ford Ranger Wildtrak V6 is a mighty impressive dual-cab 4×4 ute Full Review: …

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  1. Ok so let us get real Australia, most of these reviews are pretty standard and, in my view, Australia is robbed blind, and dealers can do it because we have little choice and then there is the wow got to have it factor from buyers. The vehicle itself is not that special, in fact it is quite agricultural like all dual cabs in Oz, with the exception of the GWM which is plush compared to the au natural picks ups we have. Let us look at price for a start, in the USA the equivalent to a Wild track is less than $50 grand, in fact a 2022 Velocity Blue Metallic Ford Ranger Lariat 10-Speed Automatic, 2.3L I4 16V GDI DOHC Turbo in a dual cab is $46,330 and that is with a dealer $100 incentive. In Australia, the Luxe Yellow 2022 Wild track Ranger 10-Speed Automatic 2.0L Bi-Turbo Diesel in a dual cab is $74,466. While the US models have various interior colours, in Australia with our hot climate we have black. If you jump up to the 3.0L V6 Turbo Diesel 10AT Full-Time 4WD Double Cab Pick-up with an “Estimated Drive Away Price” not an actual drive away price, its $78,139. So have these mid-size pick ups seen their last days with GWM offering a top spec vehicle for under $50 grand or do you go whole hog and buy the RAM or equivalent for $112 grand and get something that is real, spacious and comfortable for the whole family. $112 grand is ridiculous as well. Toyota build a Tundra, which is a three hundred series Landcruiser only in a pickup, it offers the best of both worlds for families and Toyota are talking about bringing that into Oz. With no car industry in Oz, we are at the mercy of manufacturers and dealers are rubbing their hands together taking a gullible market for an expensive ride. How can manufacturers claim to be meeting family car needs, while dealers flog these out as commercial vehicles with a commercial price.

  2. 3:00 I think this is incorrect… It allows for a UERO Pallet… Not Aussie.. You wont fit a CHEP or LOSCAM pallet in there.. , I actually found this to be a somewhat negative review, No Tacho, Not enough room in the rear , hey thats fair enough, its your review, i guess youre not kissing Fords backside like the other "Well Known" motoring Journos out there..

  3. Talk about dead panned review god help the other utes this guy will be cutting his wrists when he drives them back to back against the new ranger.

  4. A 5min review on one of the most anticipated utes in 20 years? How about showing some proper off-road capabilities, explaining the new features in that dash. All of the tech like the park assist and all that?

  5. A bit confused. I am sure that previous reporters have stated that the bed can take a euro size pallet.

  6. Instead of waxing lyrical about the performance, why not tell us the 0-100 and we can judge for ourselves against the competition.

  7. This review sucks. Vague and doesn’t go into any real detail that a prospective owner wants to know. How about comparing it to the last model or the hilux.


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