Ford Raptor Malaysia Review

Ford Raptor Malaysia Review We thank Ford Melaka for letting us shoot the Ford Raptor. For Sales and Test Drive Enquiries, …

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  1. Engine capacity too small for the car. Should be at least 3.2L, just like the wildtrak. Disappointing. Also was hoping for the bucket to be 6’ long. The interior finishing is too many cheap plastic for the price. Overall, nothing premium in the car, not worth the price. Ford is banking solely on the brand, not in the product for market competitiveness.

  2. Look out this car is no Money worth – most expensive sticker raptor ever. Mijn is 7 months old and is allmost dead – 12 times in service – piece od junk. F off ford.

  3. Ramai kata yang enjin raptor ni, x sehebat Toyota (hilux). Cuma suspension Raptor ni Hebat lagi dari pickup lain.

    Betul ke?

  4. Saya dengar owner Ford ranger raptor lain-lain cakap boleh ankat barang sampai 5 tan betul ke???


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