Ford Raptor versus Parachutist | Top Gear USA

In a stunning HD Series 1 video of Top Gear USA, Tanner chases a new Ford F150 Raptor against a parachutist ….

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  1. Hi anyone still watches this in 2021 this is my favourite show but not being offensive but does any one not like the new series and wishes that the old one came back to this channel

  2. Man it's so unfortunate that ford has more marketers than engineers and car guys. The raptor, and especially the ford gt, should still have v8's. But no, if we put a crap engine in a cool vehicle, it'll make the crap engine seem cool! Brilliant! No, instead it just makes both things seem crap unfortunately lol

  3. Tanner didn't have a chance… I love him from a huge fan… But that was a losing race before he started it…. He gave it a good try and so did that piece of shit Ford…

  4. what an horrible actor playing….that thing is made up form to start to the end, and that's not even close to be hidden

  5. The other lot were a lot better I hate your voice don’t like u on the show bring back James a

  6. Was that guy really driving…?? I'm surprised he didn't wear a helmet. Wrecking at that speed would be bad.


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