Ford Shelby F150 Owner's Review| PakWheels

PakWheels is back with yet another owner’s review episode. This time we bring you #FordShelbyF150 Model with Price, Specs, …

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  1. I saw this car today at muhammad ali society thats why i m searching it in youtube maybe that was not this one but that was also a shelby with same wheels and body kit and body colour

  2. coming from the lx 570 review we can't compare it to the range rovers and bentlys and all but can compare this with the toyota vigo, nice.

  3. ap 2 kror pakistan me Kase gare kareed sakte ho specially Hallal ki income se tu nei zarror kisi ko luta ho ga

  4. third class hai aj ka interview Farhan sab nd thk e kia owner to aisy jesy bchpan se truck k bary me e janta hai


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