Ford Torino GT vs CTS-V, GT500, Turbo Silverado & Pontiac G8 1/4 Mile

1971 Ford Torino GT on nitrous lining up with a Cadillac CTS-V, Ford Mustang Shelby GT500, Pontiac G8 and a turbo Silverado …

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  1. My very first car was a 71 Torino 429 CJ C6 automatic with a shift kit with the shaker hood scoop and the louvers on the back window and hideaway headlights and Cragar SS 5 spoke wheels. I bought it from my uncle for 1200 dollars in 1980. I bought a 750 Holley double pumper carb that woke it up.

  2. My Dad had
    A new White Torino GT back in 71 with a 351 Cleveland super nice car I took my drivers test in it

  3. Love Torino’s had a 71 in mid 90’s with 5K miles big plans, but bigger family at the time had to sell it, still have my 79 F-150 bought new with 429scj lots of high school memories in that baby.

  4. No replacement for displacement! Torino definitely big block with some tricks! Love my gt500 though too!

  5. Love that torino, it holds its own against these late model cars really well. That race against the black 13-14 gt500 was close.


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