Ford’s First Performance SUV: Ford Edge ST feat. Joey Logano (Episode 3 of 3) | Ford Performance

Edge ST travels 0-60 mph in under 6 seconds making it the quickest ST Ford has ever built. Ford NASCAR driver Joey Logano …

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  1. Where is the TURN. Yeah it's fast in a straight line but hows it handle in a corner. BTW, a simple Tune will take the Fiesta ST to 5.9 seconds 0-60 with a driver who cares driving and the Fiesta would completely humiliate that Edge Sort of ST on a winding road. I'll also note that I STRONGLY suspect the drivers in the Focus and Fiesta were told to NOT take the engine over 5 grand. Because either car is a lot more capable than the "drag race" showed.

  2. I'll see you at the Tail of the Dragon Joey. Maybe then you'll understand why the FiST has such a strong fan base.

  3. "it's still accelerating". Yeah that's what cars do when you put your foot down. File this under propaganda cuz the Edges ST performance is abysmal. When a 5yr old edge sport has faster 0-60 how do you justify asking more money for this so called performance SUV?

  4. I now own a Edge ST and for hauling the family around it does great, but it is still a heavy SUV with not enough power. Sadly in 2023 they are redoing it like the Explorer and the rumor from Ford is bigger engine, more power and torque to give it more fun factor but wish they would have done it on the 19. But no worries if they make a better mouse trap I will sell mine and buy the new one LOL

  5. "can't believe how much faster it is"? ……. ummm the Focus ST hasn't had an updated engine from 2013 till 18.. bring the Edge with a new V6 with 335 HP and AWD and compare it to the Focus and Fiesta? Good one! x'D

  6. Manual transmission cars are kool but they are going the way of the dinosaur I love them but they are going away

  7. May not be as fun but it's faster lol. I'll get one I have the sport and it's fun enough for me. Peace

  8. Imagine spending 25k on a performance hatch only to get flexed on by Karen taking the kids to soccer practice

  9. I honestly hate the fact that focus is getting g replaced with this…but I wouldn't mind seeing this with a different base as well lol

  10. No thanks on the fast SUV, I want a large fast sedan. SHO was fine in 2010, Aussie Falcon even better, but what have you done for us big performance sedan types lately?

  11. Absolutely Rubbish marketing Ford just lost me as a client trading the Focus ST for a GTI. Go to hell Ford.

  12. At least edit out the part where your "pro driver" hits the rev limiter like a teenager on a first solo drive. Nice SUV though!

  13. Ford might have sold the Focus and Fiesta STs if they had the slightest idea how to advertise them. Almost everyone I know and met never heard of them but were intrigued when they saw mine and I explained it to them.


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