Ford’s SYNC 4 system – Complete Tutorial!

Today we go over all the features hidden inside the All-New Sync 4 system! This video will be useful for any Ford that comes with …

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  1. Mitch. I have a question that seems to make people throw their hands in the air about, or have answers that don't work based on their sync3 systems. I want to add Waze to my Sync4 since it's much more informative than the Ford Nav software. How can I make this happen without making my phone a dedicated requirement. Is there a way to add other apps besides Waze? I cabled my phone to the truck and it searched for apps and came up empty. I have a 2022 F150 Platinum Hybrid

  2. Does anyone know if the apple car play or android auto navigation go full screen? I see the arrow but he didn't use it.

  3. Thank you so much for making this video. I just bought my ford and I went back to this Video and watched all of it! Thank you so much for making this video

  4. Thank you Mitchell. GREAT VIDEO. I just got my New F-150 LARAIT, (LOADED MODEL), One thing we CAN NOT Get to Operate, (That Is Supposed to be FUNCTIONAL) Is the $1995.00 BlueCruise Option. We Can NOT GET IT TO LIGHT UP And WORK. FORD Pass say's we have it, It's Available and READY TU USE, (FOR THREE YEARS)???? It Does NOT WORK???? Pretty Disappointing I have to say. And our Selling Dealer is 112 MILE'S Up the Road. I wish we knew "SOMEONE" at a F O R D a dealer that could help us with some of this Stuff, It's Kinda Frustrating to say the LEAST!!! BUMMER!!

  5. Thanks for showing how to work this feature. Just brought a 2022 f-150 and your u-tube video has been a great help. Thanks again

  6. $100 dollar bill test and pointing out his massive hands lol. Spoken like a true car salesman…… "and ladies if you ever need any help straightening out a car deal I'm right here for your pleasure". Reminds me in the 1970's salemen – not much has changed apparently.

  7. Thanks for the great video. However, "Android Auto" (AA) is not as good as anything! If you like the so-called "satellite" view you may enjoy its navigation. Other than that, it simply takes over your Sync system with something much less useful. At least with Sync 3.4 you can get out of it and go back to Sync, but you'll have to find that yourself. There is no support or instructions as to operating Android Auto. If Sync doesn't find your phone apps, AA and I believe Carplay won't display it either. If for example, you would want to change the climate system using the screen. Or, get into the settings menu to active Valet mode, you need to fumble your way out of Android Auto. Just a pain. As for the app tab? It seldom works. It sometimes finds the apps on your phone, but either disappears or on your next startup. And all of those other nice functions you talked about is not available with Carplay or AA activated I wish you would have covered items a little better and how Ford (or Google) may have improved them. Don't get me wrong, I love Sync 3.4. Much more than Android Auto or Apple Carplay. They just did a much better job for the average driver. As I can see, Sync 4 is amazing.

  8. This we awesome! You filled in a lot of the small gaps for me. I'm always surprised how much sales rep's and dealers don't know about the very brands they sell. You Sir, do. Thanks again!

  9. Great info, but you really didn't need to constantly change the volume. We trust you that there is music.

  10. I have a 2022 F350 with the Sync 4 system. I hate it. To make use of most of the "features" you now have to give Ford the ability to track you (along with everyone else when you take a cell phone with you), to include your vehicle (location, speed, etc), and you get to pay annually for the privilege. Give me old school radio any day. I don't use any of the other so called features of the sync 4 system.

  11. In the Owners Manual it states that if you are storing the vehicle it is recommended to have the Hybrid battery at a 50% charge level or better. I have not been able to find any reference to a gauge or indicator that tells me the Hybrid battery level. Can you point me in the right direction?

  12. Good video but just didn't apply to my need. More of a comment about Ford and the USA's big 3 in general. Good grief, no wonder Tesla is eating your EV lunch. I had a simple request, can Google Map Directions be sent to my 2014 Taurus. As a former EE and Director of Engineering, I'd fire the entire lot at Ford. After wasting an hour, I still don't know if that sync feature is available, but here is all Ford would have to do. As I entered my VIN number, that should be ALL that is required to know what features were available. It should have taken me to a screen with Instructions or a simple "Sorry but that feature is not available on this vehicle". 30 seconds at most. At this point, I still don't know and now don't care. Been buying only Fords since 1966. Tesla will be my next vehicle.

  13. With adaptive cruise control on and the car in front of you stops because of an accident or traffic or what have you, will Adaptive Cruise Control actually stop the car?

  14. I may have missed this but is there a way with Sync 4 to make android auto/apple carplay take up the full 12 inch screen without that card taking up the Right 30 percent of the screen?

  15. If you have a regular cab I heard you cannot get the big center console screen but only an 8" one.

    Is the only way to get it in a regular cab is to buy the parts and install it?

    Is it the same with the digital dashboard?

  16. the sync 4 Nav is a paid service right? I guess as of today, mine ran out, so there's a crossed-out cloud icon, and I no longer have nav. Second problem today, my FordPass has "disconnected" from my truck, and I wanted to re-activate my vehicle but the truck was not responding, after "activate vehicle" on App, restart the car, wait…nothing.

  17. I have a 2022 Lariat with Powerboost. I need help on the center display and especially the "cards" — the smaller side panel. I like the radar weather map that comes with Sync Nav. How do I get that to be a "card"?

  18. I have a 2022 f150 Xlt when I put the ac on 65-64-63-62-61 some times it’s warm others is fresh is that normal in these new trucks any one ?


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