Gear Series Speed ​​Cars 28 | Advanced Equipment

Series 28 saw a fast-paced machine operated by Chris Harris. We had all the VW ID Rs running ….

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  1. I can not understand why they can not build a generator to charge up the batterys on electric cars or batterys that can charged up buy generators aulternators so you dont have to plug in to the mains

  2. The split second transition from the footage of Chris in the Taycan to Chris in the Megane says it all: it just looks about a thousand times more fun driving the latter.

  3. Someone should have used a F1 car to redo the fighter jet race. The F1 car would get to 200kph in just 4.4s and 300kph in less than 10s, brake and turn much faster. Should be enough to win the race.

  4. I saw a You Tube video abt 3 yrs ago of a Russian interview of a Military expert in Russia ( voices only ) The military expert said he thinks the F-35 will be like the F-16 in time used and be JUST as successful . I tend to think he may be correct . Hope he's still alive cause abt year or so later the video had been removed .

  5. It is funny to compete with fighter jet….they MID-speed is 3 times what a sport car can do…….what is the purpose to even try it…..???

    For a flight to land, their speed has to be slow and that is …..150-200 km/h….. however, this is about 80% full speed of a high end sport car…… Like in the video, the car ran about 282 as almost the highest speed it could…that is only the STRAT UP speed for a fighter jet….. (highest speed can go over 800 km/h or even over 1200 km/h)……………….

  6. …………..Can someone help me out here… WHY compete with F-35 in stead of F-16 or F-22?

    I remember F-16 used to be n icon of speed before F-22 came out. F-35 is good, but more for its function of vertical launch and of course the power as a fighter jet…………but I thought F-16 is more agile and faster than F-35…….

  7. Chris Harris is a great driver and journalist, but his real talent is being able to do both at the same time… How does he drive these cars so hard while providing incredible commentary?. I'd have to have my full attention on the road if it were me.


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