GEN 1 RAPTOR vs GEN 2 RAPTOR vs GEN 3 RAPTOR // DRAG RACE + 0-60 Testing

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  1. They’ve all got their strengths..first gen has the bulletproof 6.2, second gen looks the most aggressive by far, third gen has all the tech and is fastest. They’re all awesome though.

  2. I had no doubts that the gen 3 would win everything, it's the newest top of the line tech. Unfortunately it's not a v8, ill take a gen 1 6.2 anytime..

  3. Not saying it’s as fast but the race would’ve been better if you would’ve put the gin one and four-wheel-drive instead of let them spend the tires for two truck links while the gym two was long gone. Big dummy. I was blows my mind how people can mess up stuff this easy

  4. Always liked the raptor, I ran a gen 3 in my Titan that had 230k miles on the clock but full bolt ons and a tune from uprev. I got pulled by half a length (not surprised, I knew the outcome beforehand but couldn’t help myself). I just purchased a 22 powerboost though, and am blown away by the way it accelerates. I’ve missed out on a lot of ass kickin though, I’m constantly chasing the mpgs with gas the way it is lol.

  5. Would have been too much of a stretch to put premium fuel in the first gen? Geeze. It may be funny for you guys, but when you jump a launch it screws up the whole race. You should have raced again.

  6. The gen 1 in my opinion will always be tje king. Its the best looking it was the most badass thing back in the day. And it can still hold its own against any newer truck this day in age. Obviously not in a straight line bit off road it can.

  7. I love how the gen 2 has parts readily available to turn it into a dune blasting, no holds barred trophy truck

  8. I sold my 3.5 ecoshit f150 she let me die on mexican highway…. From that moment im a non turbo trucks guy

  9. Well since you know you cheated, you should have posted a not cheating run, as well. Too bad I can't get those minutes of my life back.

  10. What’s the point of fast pick up trucks? Get a fucking sports car or sports sedan if you want speed….. diesel probably better option…

  11. LOL its just gearing changes in the new gen. The gen 2 can be actually tuned where the gen 3 cannot and will smoke the gen 3 all day long….plus the gen 3 is as ugly as it gets

  12. Had a gen 1 raptor but sold it for hummer h2 sut love how different it is from every truck on the road.

  13. There were only 3 new 2015 trucks in Florida, Daytona Beach it was white and sliver, and I was inside my Brother’s Truck

  14. The reason the gen 3 is so much quicker is because if the 10 speed transmission.. i would hav thought y’all would have mentioned the transmissions

  15. Glad they improved the upper end on the Gen3. That’s one area that I’m unimpressed with on my Gen 2


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