Generations of Honda Civic Type R DRAW & ROLLING RACE, BRAKE TEST AND REVIEW | Mutu2Mutu

Type R: Honda moniker sitting on the nose of very hot ants. But what is most urgent, is what ….

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  1. do a volvo xc90 t8 vs honda civic type r fk8 race because volvo xc90 t8 horsepower is 400

  2. My favourite type r isn’t actually on the list. It’s the 2008 Honda Civic type r fd2 and on the second place there are two: the ek9 and the fn2 mugen.

  3. FK8 or FD2 over any other Civic Type R. EP3 is too overrated imo. I find the Acura RSX Type S more fun than an EP3 and yes i know that’s an Integra vs Civc. Tho the RSX Type S is literally just a Type R. Type S vs Type R.

  4. I've recently bought an FK8 (GT) 2020, and i owned the 2004 version of the EP3. Loving my new Type R just as much as the Original

  5. The way he drives, a torsion beam vs independent rear end is going to make 6/10s of bugger all difference.

  6. I bought the EP3 (Face lift model ) brand new in 2002, I swapped if for a 2002 Subaru WRX STI, both great cars, but I regret selling the EP3, it was so much fun, with the best gear box I have ever had, when the VETEC kicks in hold on !!


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