Go Behind the Scenes of the #Instabuilt Lexus RC F

https://www.lexus.com/SEMA http://instagram.com/LexusUSA Lexus #Instabuilt was a crowd-sourced Instagram activation that … .

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  1. Lexus, you finally are starting to make cars with Passion and soul, so i Traded in my 2014 bmw 535d in for a 2015 is350 Fsport, and this is coming from a European that would never buy Japanese. …but you finally are doing really good things….besides the horrible looking ES….change that, and you finally have a dominating lineup of Vehicles!

  2. Inside looks great.  Not digging the front grill.  I can understand if it is the most functional, however, too dark!  looks cheap!  Let's change it!

  3. Amazing video and we are proud to be involved with such an incredible project. Thank you Lexus and VIP Auto Salon!!


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