GR Supra | Product Introduction

This video will leave a lasting impression in viewers by introducing Supra’s philosophy of endless pursuit of “Fun” through Car X …

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  1. 2002: Toyota stops manufacturing the supra.

    Chevrolet and Ford and Dodge: Finally, the supra is gone!

    2019: The supra comes back.

    Chevrolet and Ford and Dodge: We're fucked

  2. i hope toyota will bring back all their legendary cars without any intervention/partner from other car manufacturer..the world biggest car manufacturer can't produce their own car alone..what a shame toyota

  3. Y’all bitching about bmw parts, if it wasn’t for that there would be NO SUPRA at all, and bmw is the best possible company to partner up with. Inline 6, tuneable engine, beemers have great driving ability (ultimate driving machine). No, I’m not a bmw fan boy, but looking objectively it was either that (which ain’t bad at all), or nothing at all. Toyota don’t make their own fun cars – supra was that one exception but no more.

  4. I have a 93 supra NA with 5 speed manual (yeah yeah, not your typical beast of a supra, shuddup), and this ad resonates with me as far as not being about the numbers. Which is why there should have been a manual. I dont care how good the ZF 8HP transmission is (and yes I admit its pretty bad ass). However, the Supra isnt about the numbers so much as the way that it feels, only supra owners will know where I'm coming from… whether its souped up OR NA like mine, it just feels amazing to drive. So planted and secure and great for long drives. And tail happy!! And an automatic Supra no matter the fact that it locks up in all gears (I think it does), its still missing the clutch pedal and gear shifter. I mean, you can still buy Boxters, Caymans, Corvettes, Camaros, Mustangs, 370z, etc with manuals so enough with all these bogus arguments that manual sports cars dont sell. Aside from the transmission, I like the new Supra in pretty much all other respects (for the most part… the shape of the rear haunches looks a tad odd from some angles, like its not really filled out… or the transition from the roofline slope to the haunches is not smooth enough). In any case, I wanna buy the new Supra!! Please offer a manual option, I dont care how many tenths of a second slower it will be to 60… Its about the feel! Like you said in this whole damn video!! Thank you Toyota 🙂

  5. What Supra everyone on drug's in Toyota's H.C is a ungly Z4 with fake vents and cheap body kit FUCKING FAKE VENTS IN A SUPERCAR IN 2019 REALLY TOYOTA

  6. Looks like a lot of people thinks that the mk4 supra was a supercar killer from the start when it was pretty much like this new one in the first place.
    Also, i don't see any problem with the BMW engine and stuff, they make good engines, why not give them some love
    People should stop bitching around for that, we haven't even seen its performance yet.


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