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From the 13th series how Richard Hammond and James May run the new Porsche Panamera against the Royal Mail train. .

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  1. Top Gear, Three Gearheads who never had to grow up. The shit they pull on each other in like the middle of no where is hilarious but dangerous. And one time Hammond rolled a car down a 100 foot cliff into a tree…and the other two just go "o did he crash"" yeah look there" " Well it seems Richard Hammonds luck has finally given out" then you here him over the radio" I'm alright" and the other two are visibly dissapointed. They don't even move or change expression…dicks.

  2. Its obviously impossible to tell just from the edits of the footage but… I always felt that hamster and may didnt like each other & Clarkson was the the one that both loved to hate.
    Its nice to see some banter between these two!

  3. Living just over a field from the M6 here in the north west, I always used to love these films knowing that they’d been past my house only a few hundred yards away.

  4. We've all played with heated seats but I'm intrigued by James's passing reference to a game of "Dashboard Spot the Difference". What the hell is that?


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