Here Are 11 Most Awesome Cars On Sale Today

LOOK AT THE VEHICLES AND BIDES! People say weird cars are dead – but they are not. Today I pass ….

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  1. Your picks were odd sante fe but not ridgeline v 90 but not audi allroad or golf allroad or cla45 but audi rsq3

  2. Question: does the Volvo V9O with the standard ride height command a premium on the used car market? I can see someone special ordering for that reason, but little else.

  3. I'm about to take delivery of an Outback Wilderness that I ordered from the factory in September. He may think they are ugly, but Subaru dealers are selling them the same day they come in and it seems like they can't make them fast enough.

  4. The early 2-door SUVs like the 4Runner and Pathfinder didn't fail per se. They were discontinued because of some weird US import law that placed a financial burden on the importation of 2-door "trucks". The first gen 4Runner was only available as a 2-door and it was a huge success. The second gen 4Runner began its life as a 2-door and so did the first gen Pathfinder, and both sold well.

  5. 3 door SUV's failed? America is the center of the world? How about the Mitsubishi Pajero/Montero, Range Rover Series I, Suzuki's Jimny, Samurai, VItara, Toyota's RAV/Land Cruiser 70 series, Nissan's Patrol, Isuzu and Daihatsu have also lots of models and so on. Of course most of these models don't fit 250+ lbs drivers so in certain markets squeezing into the gap from the forward tilted seat becomes the issue combined with lateral support seats that squeeze left and right of the spine. Who knows

  6. what's so weird about tghe V90? Station wagons are dead today? Maybe in the US, but not Europe, definetly not even close to dead.
    "offer an extra body style" … well it's the NORMAL body style which is produced in great numbers here, and once one of the few customers across the pond wants to have this normal style they will ship it along with other Volvos

  7. the Arteon sells pretty good in Germany; It's not like i'd see like 10 of them every single day, but maybe like 1 per day seems realistic

  8. 9:24 think about it: it's Germany and they may drive as fast as they want and can … of course anything from BMW M to Benz AMG etc sells well

  9. I wanted to see the car in the thumbnail so skipped through to find it; disappointed it wasn't a main feature (or even in the video at all???)

  10. Does Doug have a license plate in his name? He should sell license plates stickers to put on your windshield. I bet people should buy it. Now there's a idea.

  11. Here Are the 11 Weirdest New Cars on Sale "IN THE US" Today. The US is one country that does NOT represent the rest of the world. Chris Harris knows a lot more about cars, and for him an a lot other people around the world (me included), a state car is the best car design ever made.

  12. Most cars of today look like electric shavers.
    This was an awesome treat.
    Thank You

  13. "…it's an Avalon. And they didn't add any more power." Typical Toyota. We'll make the sport version, but it won't be any faster.

  14. Hi Doug, can you do a similar listing for vehicles that have depreciated and are now extremely good value for money. Please n' thank you Sir. Much love from South Africa.

  15. 10:39 You have become the very thing you have vowed to destroy!
    13:10 There is also an R version with all of the Golf R hardware, in both sedan and shooting brake (Wagon).

  16. The Santa Cruz. There is nothing weird about this, it is just another ugly Mimi-van. Right-hand anything, we drive on the wrong side as opposed to most of the Planet. Rear Suicide doors? What Planet has this Moron been living on? Oh right he is too young to know sqaut about the past automotive world and probably would do the research either. And the Mazda is also just anither ugly Mini-van. Yes Mrc AMGs everything, They have a racing background and someone finally figured out that people want power in small cars too. The Dart 2 would probably still be around if Dodge had started putting Rally and aftermarket extras on it as an optioned All-Wheel-Drive variant. The Outback. I thought everyone was buying mostly SUV s today. Toyota's designers have lost their minds. Just look at the Supra Mark V/BMW… not very good or making any sense. The only thing I can see is that it is just releasing the car in hopes that someone will do an engine swap and add a custom veilside kit to it so they can start using the ideas. This is just an opinion.V-Dub. If you want a Luxury car start by designing a different car than all of your regular cars and then name it something else like what all Asian Car Companies have done. And maybe aquiring Aston Martin might help. Wagons. Why not offer something special order only at a special price? All Companies used to do this and is now rare today, Customer Apprciation Service. They used to make cars that the were designed and built to make the buyer happy and not was wht allowed for them to choose from like today.


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