Here Are 8 Retro Cars That Should Make a Comeback

CHECK OUT CARS & BIDS! Retro cars! Here are 8 retro cars that Doug DeMuro thinks should make a … .

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  1. The VW Beetle ID is going to come back because its iconic and VW just needs to tweak the ID 4 to get a different body shape that would recall VW’s fun roots. It hasn’t escaped their notice with the Chinese coming out with the Ora Punk Cat, the retro market isn’t something they can afford to overlook which they have already done with the microbus revival in the form of the VW Buzz ID.

  2. Speaking of the Volkswagen Bus (Kombi) what about a modern and electric comeback of the Volkswagen Bug? And yes, I know the Beetle (New Beetle) from 1998 was a kind of "spiritual succesor" to the old Volkswagen bug, but eehh, it didn't do well, the design looks like a toy car (And even more with brands like Barbie using it for their toys), also the Beetle never got so popular around the world as the old VW Bug, it would be nice to see the VW Bug back again with a better design than the New Beetle more, closer to the original Bug, and if possible, electric.

  3. none of these cars sells well…there's like a few thousand people that really want it but then when they spend the time and money developing it and they see the sticker price they sell less than 100k at the end of the day they need to make shareholders happy, and using their resources and factories to make these when they're running 100% capacity making cars they know will sell is the goal of a company, especially when profit margins are slim.

  4. Doug and his prediction of all these off road gas guzzler lol yeah no one is wanting their gas guzzler anymore they're looking to electric.

  5. As much as I would love for Audi to bring back the Quattro, they would probably just turn it into a crossover SUV, which is unfortunate. You see that a lot these days. Cult sports cars from the 80’s and 90’s being turned into nameplates for crossover/SUV’s; Eclipse, Integra, Mustang.

  6. Regarding retro cars that fit an offroad theme that should make a comeback, it would be nice to see a Mitsubishi L300. What a practical van. Grew up in one. They should make an updated version that looks true to the original. One thats a little wider, longer and taller, and a more powerful engine. Its increasing a lot in value these days and they are popular for offroad campervan builds it seems. I think that would be cool. Maybe it can hit nicely as a van for contractors and a practical family van as well.

    If they make an electric version maybe they can compete with the Toyota Proace too. The Proace are too limiting since it cant tow so much and its not ment for going out in the bush like the L300 did. I think a more modern electric L300 would be a more practical van for work.

  7. I really think Ford should bring back the Excursion. As big and inefficient as it was there is still a big demand for them.

  8. sadly a new Viper is almost impossible in its true form (a V10 N/A Manual Sports car), Dodge already anounced they are focusing on eletrification and the crazy V8's they have been doing are going to die.

    the Quattro too one that is really dificult to bring back as Audi already has an AWD coupe (the A7) and a boxy design just woundnt look right in modern Audi

  9. Toyota still sells the 70 series land cruiser. That sits where an fj cruiser would as a mor stripped down off roader land cruiser.

  10. I like the idea of a new bus but if it would look like any of those concept designs I'm not interested. DON'T try to make it slick and modern.

  11. Back in 90's when I was 12, the red Opel Calibra (1995-1996) was a dream car in East Europe (Bulgaria in my case). It was giving this sport vibe like the Mitsubishi or Honda but it was more affordable for a regular hard worker. I still has this picture from a bubble gum series with the dreamed Opel Calibra (number 184). It was the last Opel model, that attracted the hood kids to look through the side windows, to see the limit of the speedometer. Nowadays nobody dreams about … Opel. The lightning became just a spark.


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