Here Are the Most Bizarre Car Brand Partnerships Ever

CHECK OUT CARS & BIDS! Most bizarre car partnerships! Here are the weirdest, most unusual, and most … .

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  1. Here in Brazil in the 90's Ford and Volkswagen got together and formed Autolatina. The result was that we had Volkswagen models getting some Badge-Engineering and sold as Fords, and vice-versa. For example, the Ford Escort became a Volkswagen Apollo.

  2. My dad is a huge mark for the Saab 9-7x, and my friend's dad owns one (one of less than a dozen in Finland). It's not quirky because of the features or anything, but because it's a Saab that is a larger SUV with a big ol' engine on it. And it's quite rare in this side of the pond. So basically most Saab fans think it's bizarre and quirky for the same reason as why you included it in the video in the first place.

  3. Great list you got. Keep it up with this type of information. I would like to add, in down under there was a camry badged as Holden. Like it was copy/paste.

  4. Just 2 days after this video, the new Mitsubishi ASX was launched in Europe. Is a Renault Captur rebadged, very weird indeed

  5. In part 2 pls the Daewoo Veritas, a Holden Statesman rebadged and sold in Korea! I see one whenever I'm driving in the countryside, they still go for about 4-8k USD here, but yeah they were a tough sell when new in 2008

  6. You should talk about the Ford Escape/Mazda Tribute, and how even still now, the Ford Escape is a rebadged Ford Kuga from Europe. Also, the Mazda 3 from a few years ago uses a modified Ford Focus platform

  7. Nissan and Alfa Romeo partnered in the 1980s to develop a car, which became the Nissan Cherry Europe, and the Alfa Romeo Arna.

    After hearing of the partnership, the public went “Italian styling, Japanese build quality, that seems perfect”, however, the car was actually developed the other way around…

    In the words of Jeremy Clarkson, the Arna was a “terribly ugly Nissan Cherry, that had Alfasud electrics”. and the car was absolutely dreadful.

  8. We had a Routan for like a couple months when I was younger. We got rid of it cause the electric sliding door stopped working after only a couple months.

  9. Most bazaar to my mind was the Holden Premier sold in Japan, fitted with a rotary engine and sold as a Mazda! The engine didn't suit the heavy Holden body, and the resultant car was both slow and thirsty.

  10. In Australia, GM's partnership with Daewoo is what killed off Holden locally. Such gems as the Epica, Equinox, Trax, Cruze etc. That was a gigantic nail in Holdens coffin. Mercedes…they wanted to cash in on the huge Australian market for dual cab utilities. Tax regulations and the Australian lifestyle and conditions means that they are best sellers year after year, there is actually a strong demand for well equipped dual cabs. Mercedes screwed up because they sold the car through their "rough and ready" commercial van dealerships. They should have sold them in their passenger car showroom where families (ladies who decide about a lot of car purchases) like to visit. Against a basic A-Class a nicely specced X-Class would seem like fantastic value. Alas, they screwed up, marketed them to Australian trade buyer (the most misinformed segment in motoring history) and that was that.

  11. The Volkswagen Routan is worse to work on than a town and country, I just did front and rear brakes on one and we had to order them 4 different times because there are 4 different variants of the brakes on this car. These are an absolute waste of money to own and fix, worth more in scrap.


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