Here’s a Tour of a $50,000 Honda Odyssey Minivan

CHECK OUT CARS & BIDS The 2018 Honda Odyssey Elite is a $50000 minivan. Today I’m reviewing the … .

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  1. Doug is very derogatory with Honda he shouldn’t bother; but he loves the unreliable Range Rovers. No credible Doug score.

  2. Vans are a joke. Instead of paying 50,000$ to travel with your wife and kids, you can save this money and help your kids buy a car for themselves in the future .

  3. i just bought a 2022 elite and took it on a family trip, my use of cabin talk very much annoyed the kiddos. basically every state line or point of interest got a cabin talk announcement with the current weather and time.

  4. 4:38 I believe that is for "manually" assisting the door whenever the door gets stuck. My family owned a 2004 Nissan Quest up north and the power sliding doors would often freeze shut, so we would climb in through the passenger door and "force" open the door with a button on the interior door handle that would get the door unstuck.

  5. OMG, Doug can be such a silly goose sometimes.

    Timezones are sorted west to east, like you know… timezones are. If they were sorted by distance from where you are, that would mean that clock setting module know your position. And if it knows your position wtf would it ask what timezone you're in?

  6. Totally totally disagree on the key fob this is very clearly labeled with one function for each button including the remote start without having to do several different tricks the key fob is great

  7. As someone with a relative with a mid-trim Odyssey before they redesigned it for its current generation, a lot of features are still on it (i.e. all five rear door-opening methods, rear climate controls, second-row sun shades, and probably just as many cup holders). And since it was a special edition trim right before the redesign (positioned between EX and EX-L), it even has the rear entertainment screen and HondaVac, though admittedly the latter is pretty weak. It still lacks some of the newer stuff like the second row seats sliding side-to-side and the weird gear selector, and since it is mid-trim it has cloth seats with only one armrest for each rear seat save the middle console.
    Even in the lower trims the Odyssey has plenty of practical features.

  8. Those power sliding door options aren’t that amazing. My 2012 Town and Country has those same opening / closing options

  9. If I was walking into a car seller and this guy came up to me talking about a car I'd buy anything from him

  10. My 2008 Kia Sedona (minivan) has the same 5 ways to open the sliding doors: Buttons up front in overhead console, button on B pillar, handle on inside of door, handle on outside of door, buttons on key fob. It's not that new, but it shows that this is the first minivan he's ever been around.

    Also, CabinTalk makes his voice sound like something you'd expect from a 1970s David Bowie sci-fi flick. Or a 1980s pinball machine.

  11. I wish we had this in Italy for sale. 3,6l gas engine is too costly, maybe a cheaper option could be great

  12. Believe it or not Doug… even the dodge caravan And town and country (same van) the 2020 (final production year) came with the led projector headlights

  13. I feel you were a tad harsh, cause this vehicle is much better than a Lincoln.

    I love our 2018 Honda Odyssey Touring. But we have a family of 5 with 3 children 5 and under.

    We looked for 3 years, this was the absolute best of the best for us.

  14. There's one feature Doug doesn't know about … lift the tailgate and pull the seat back, but don't let it fold and it's now a backward facing seat for tailgate parties, drive-in movies, etc.

  15. Doug is reviewing this like he hasn't been in a minivan in 20 years, given how mesmerized he is by the side door open/close options that have been available since 1999. That's a good thing for viewers who are new to minivans.

  16. No offense to you Doug, you did an awesome job.

    But if you have 3 kids twins that are 2 and and disabled 4 year old with SMA & Autism (as is if having SMA wasn't enough), this monster is a god send.

    I'm a truck guy, love my trucks. I love my Ford F-150 subercab 4×4 with a 6-1/2' box. I bought it before having children. I still need it obviously.

    But man, this vehicle. We bought used. 2018 elite, 40,000 kms on it for 41,000 monopoly money. This this is incredible. Those sliding doors…. did I mention the sliding doors?

    It's made for a family. We are of 5. I'm so comfortable in that seat driving or yelling at my children, it makes driving fun!

    Ohh, but we can put on a movie, once we decide on one. Everything is quite.


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