Here's Why a Used Ford F-150 Raptor Is a Great Financial Decision

CHECK OUT CARS & BIDS A used Ford F-150 SVT Raptor is a great financial decision. Today I’m …

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  1. Yeah, I bought my 2011 SVT Raptor for $52, 000. I looked on line a couple of years later and the average price for that truck used was more than I paid new.

  2. These will be collectibles for sure if you keep them out of the sun. The newer ones look so much better, but no V8 🙁

  3. Bought a 2012 for 20K and I cant believe all the guys that come up to me and ask about it…ladies….if you're single and want to attract the men…get yourself a raptor! I love the grill on it myself..but for goodness sakes men, it's a truck!

  4. Ford did such a good job designing the amber lights, that people are upgrading F-150s and really any truck to have these.

    Even Tacomas. What a wild time to be alive.

  5. The SVT Gen-1 6.2 was only built for 4 yrs. it's the last SVT designed truck (SVT raced it in baja 1000), the SVT was a game changer for stock trucks (it has taken Ram over 10yrs to produce a raptor competitor, but I do like the TRX), Regardless of age it will be a sought after vehicle (think Nissan Skyline GTR), especially once the off-road crowd break them all. The new Gen 3 V8-R is a nice thought but not an investment – it'll have ridiculous dealer mark-up, also expensive for maintenance & off-roading mods compared to the basics of a Gen-1.

  6. Not sure if this is panning out. 2013 SVT Raptors that were over $50,000 new are plentiful in the low $30,000's right now.


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